Why “Certified” Partners Should be a Part of Your SAP Cloud Strategy

You’ve already decided that a Cloud platform is best for your SAP landscape. However, when determining to move your business-critical applications to the cloud, let’s face it: will you entrust your environment to a third-party?

When developing a cloud strategy, enterprises must consider the  evolving challenges of hosting and managing a complex SAP landscape on-premise and the benefits of engaging a “certified” SAP Partner/Managed Services Provider (MSP) who provides Private, Public, Hybrid or Virtualized Cloud platforms, along with comprehensive managed services.

Certified SAP Hosting Partners
For enterprises interested in pairing SAP functionality with cloud computing, there is no one size fits all strategy and many aspects need to be considered.

Each option has its own appeal when considering budget, compliance and security, business and technology objectives, TCO and return on investment. However, at the end of the day, the objective of each hosting option is essentially the same: to provide full SAP functionality in a secure, reliable and high performing environment.  Board Meeting

SAP has made enormous investments in its cloud strategy providing even more options to the existing mix. Subsequently, the company has made growing and certifying “qualified” partners a top priority, even as it has developed its own hosting capabilities. To ensure quality is high among third-party providers, participating firms must meet rigorous standards to receive SAP certification.

AssessmentSAP Certification Program
SAP hosting and managed services providers must offer a robust portfolio of cloud services to meet the wide range of SAP client needs. The following services are required of Certified Hosting Partners, but the actual number of services a firm qualifies for depends on the SAP products that firm is equipped to host. Certifications for hosting providers include:

SAP Hosting Services
Partners operate and maintain SAP applications and other complete hosting packages tailored to individual customer’s SAP product mix. Extensive technical administrative skills and experience are mandatory to qualify as a Certified Provider.

SAP HANA Operations
Partners who receive SAP certification for HANA Operations deliver SAP HANA in-memory computing services to help clients overcome on-premise deployment challenges and demonstrate the value of SAP HANA. This service demands extremely high quality operational standards, as a Certified Hosting provider, but the ability to tailor data integration services.

SAP Cloud Operations
Cloud operations services delivered by certified SAP providers include a wide range of on-demand infrastructure and services specifically for SAP products. To guarantee the high standards for hosting SAP products, certified providers undergo a comprehensive assessment of their delivery and support capabilities every two years.

Benefits of Working with an SAP-Certified Partner
In this digital era, the “cloud” is now the platform of choice.  Why? Well, the benefits speak for themselves….

  • Flexibility and Scalability. When data and applications are managed internally, scaling can be complicated, time-intensive, and expensive. MSPs equip your business with the capability to easily scale up or down as-needed – without the need for an infrastructure redesign.
  • Reliability. MSPs deliver failover for cloud environments and ensure the highest uptime with guaranteed SLAs.
  • Highest Security and Compliance. With the ever-increasing threat MSPs are committed to the highest level of security, industry compliance and government mandates.
  • Faster Time to Production. Eliminate the delays of purchasing and installing on-premise hardware. Leverage extensive investments in automation and extensive experience in migrations and upgrades.
  • Speed and Agility. Constant investment in technology to improve operational performance and bring the latest innovations to market.
  • Expert Resources. With tighter budgets, many IT organizations do not have the staff to build and manage a cloud environment. MSPs have the SAP expertise to manage cloud environments, allowing a company’s IT staff to focus on other strategic initiatives, and not the day-to-day operations of cloud environments.
  • Cost Savings. One of the greatest benefits of using an MSP is cost savings. Building and managing hardware to host business-critical applications requires vast resources. Many enterprises don’t have the large upfront cash for on-premise cloud. The cost all adds up – with hardware, data centers, servers, and software, etc. Companies can transform large capital expenses into a single monthly operational expense.

Developing a cloud strategy takes considerable effort and expertise. Investing the time to thoroughly weigh the benefits of engaging a certified SAP partner will set your business up for a competitive advantage. To achieve long-term success, however, SAP IT organizations must change and adopt new models. Using cloud-based services that free up resources to focus on more value-added, strategic tasks is critical.

SAP certified partners are  uniquely positioned to provide a scalable and secure environment for optimal performance of SAP environments. They play a key role in helping organizations using SAP solutions to transform and run their business. Further, leveraging the scale of a certified partner enables IT organizations to have a partner who is up-to-speed on the latest technologies and best practices, and who is focused on process improvements to keep systems up-to-date and operating at peak performance.

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By: Len Landale, Vice President, ERP/Applications at Secure-24, an NTT Communications Company.