How to Transform the Way You Manage Your Remote Branch IT Infrastructure and Data

A rapidly growing global business climate means most large organizations require multiple locations to host their critical applications. Since many businesses prefer to establish operations and manufacturing in local regions to take advantage of the unique “way of doing business here”, many now have Remote and Branch offices.

With multiple branch locations comes additional challenges for IT departments. IT teams must ensure that data is backed-up, secure, maintained and operating at peak performance. The remote nature of these processes leads to higher costs, increased risk and decreased visibility. Additionally, local or remote offices traditionally lack the local IT expertise needed to ensure proper data integrity.

The Problem With Managing Data at the “Edge”

As companies begin to expand globally, IT executives are searching for ways to eliminate the risk and cost associated with managing their data at the Many organizations who have consolidated into Public and/or Private Cloud solutions may still be managing up to 50% of their data outside of the datacenter. This introduces increased risk and cost while limiting transparencyData Management into what is truly happening with their critical data.

Even when the decision is made to use outsourcing to manage the data locally while backing everything up to the Cloud, local resources are still required and risk remains for the data that is changed in-between backup cycles. It can also be very time consuming to bring everything back online after a disaster.

The Solution

What if you could have the same level of comfort for your data that “lives” outside the datacenter for the systems that run at remote and branch locations?  Picture the peace of mind knowing ALL of your data, regardless of where it runs, is achieving the same level of control and visibility you achieve today. It’s now a reality.

The ideal solution involves managing the data within a data center while running mission-critical applications wherever performance is optimal. Secure-24 delivers comprehensive managed services for remote/branch offices by delivering Cloud controls to clients’ data regardless of where it “lives” and regardless of where their users work.

What is the value to clients?

  • Eliminates IT labor costs and reduces capital expenses at the branch level.
  • Reduces risk by managing data within our Secure-24 datacenter versus at the branch.
  • Backups happen automatically and system restores are much quicker in the event of a disaster.
  • Increased security through encryption.
  • Increases branch IT cost predictability, with no hidden costs.
  • Reduces complexity through a simplified architecture.

Secure-24 is the first Private Cloud provider to “Cloud-enabled” technology for the sole purpose of providing managed services for mission-critical applications that require branch/remote offices or Public Cloud hosting.

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Karly Early is the Sales Director, Remote/Branch Services at Secure-24.