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Disaster Recovery

Applications Continuity

Business continuity and disaster recovery are paramount for ensuring the highest availability of our customers’ applications environment with minimal downtime or business disruption. In today’s business climate downtime of minutes can translate to losses of millions.

Minimize Infrastructure Downtime

Our Managed Services solutions are designed to protect company data in an operational disruption. Our Managed Cloud Disaster Recovery solution is designed to meet business needs, from near real time failover with global traffic managers, replication and database mirroring, to simple backups, our team will design a solution to fit the needs and tolerance of business applications.

Our disaster recovery services ensure that customers have a tested, viable plan to restore essential business operations with minimal downtime. Disaster Recovery solutions are supported with a recovery time objective and recovery point objective (RTO and RPO) protected by our comprehensive service level agreement.

Gain confidence in the ability to protect and recover critical data with a Secure-24 Disaster Recovery solution.

Don't take a chance with unprotected data. Learn more about our Disaster Recovery solutions.