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Mobile Device Management

Secure Your Mobile Corporate Perimeter

The evolution of mobile computing enables employees to stay connected from anywhere in the world. Enable employees to boost productivity and provide real-time feedback, without compromising sensitive data. With Secure-24’s managed Mobile Device Management mobile work forces can focus on business while we ensure corporate data is contained on mobile devices.

Mobile Device Management minimizes security risk and allows flexibility with a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, or the issue of company devices. Our enterprise solution supports: Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, Mac OS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows PC/RT and Windows platforms. So employees have flexibility and choice of mobile devices and operating systems.


  • Minimize the potential for data loss with Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Bolster employee productivity with access to internal data
  • Meet compliance requirements and simplify audits


  • Fully managed solution to meet security, audit or compliance mobility needs
  • Corporate and personal data separation
  • Enforced security controls on all mobile devices
  • Remote wiped corporate data with personal data in tact
  • Encrypted e-mail on mobile devices
  • Pushed or blacklisted mobile applications

For enterprises seeking additional security and functionality, we offer advanced mobile application and advanced e-mail data loss prevention (DLP) packages.

  • Mobile access to internal content repositories
  • Restrict and moderate access to internal websites, internal web applications, or business intelligence (BI) data and analytics
  • VPN tunneling and application tunneling

  • Securely proxy mobile e-mail traffic
  • Restrict e-mailed content or attachments to corporate container on device
  • Secure all connections from mobile devices to mail servers
  • E-mail attachment stripping and encryption

Secure your mobile corporate perimeter.