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Public Cloud

Many companies seek to leverage the scale and efficiency Microsoft® Azure, Amazon® Web Services (AWS), Google® Cloud,  or Oracle® Cloud. As enterprises continue to further enable hybrid cloud strategies, many lack  in-house expertise  which presents significant challenges. It is critical to find the right managed services partner to optimize your managed public cloud environment, who can deploy on multiple cloud solutions using approved cloud reference architectures.

We work with companies of every size on advising, transitioning and managing custom workloads from on-premise to Public Cloud IaaS with Microsoft®, Amazon®, Google®, and Oracle®. With Managed Public Cloud Services, enterprises can take full advantage of the many benefits of Public Cloud and still maintain security and governance, while containing overall spend with Hybrid Cloud.

Cloud Advisory and Management Services

Cloud management expertise requires many capabilities, including a deep understanding of the technologies, applications and disciplined process workflow. We have been helping clients move and manage enterprise workloads for over 20 years and supports advisory and management services on public cloud IaaS for global environments. Whether atop Microsoft®, Amazon®, Oracle® or Google®, we provide the expertise to deploy and manage systems on public cloud IaaS or at our hosted facility. Our breadth of experience uniquely positions us  to manage and support environments across the cloud and beyond without involving additional managed service providers.

Managed Public Cloud

Our Managed Public Cloud Services include day-to-day cloud operations including:

  • Cloud and application provider coordination via NTT.
  • Provisioning, monitoring and patching for cloud instances.
  • Transition advisory throughout the process of migrating to the cloud.
  • Regularly scheduled backups, fail overs and restores.
  • Annual disaster recovery testing for systems enrolled in DR services.

Security, Governance, and Compliance

Concerns about cloud security is the number one factor in organizations’ reluctance to adopt a cloud model. Security risks, however, are largely minimized with many of the native cloud security controls plus the addition of NTT centralized monitoring and security controls.

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