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Private Cloud

Managed Private Cloud Services: IT Transformation

Enterprises have mission-critical applications and workloads, that may not be suited for a public cloud and may require a dedicated, private hosted environment. Our managed services for private cloud are top-notch, flexible and agile!We deliver the efficiency of the private cloud with predictable costs, security and scalability. If you’re not ready to move to a public cloud, or you don’t have the internal resources to manage your IT infrastructure, NTT can host your IT environment in a private cloud without up-front capital expenses, at predictable costs.

Managed private cloud environments reduce maintenance costs by outsourcing infrastructure management and maintenance to the managed cloud provider. It is easier to integrate an organization’s existing software, services, and applications into a dedicated cloud hosting infrastructure which can be customized to your business needs. Organizations that choose a managed private cloud deployment usually choose them because of a need for service customization or integration only available in a single-tenant environment.

Agile and Flexible Solutions

We provide a secure, dedicated environment to meet your complex, mission-critical application and infrastructure requirements. Our Private Cloud provides a dedicated infrastructure in our secure, compliant data centers. Our professionals can customize the solution to best meet your business and technology needs. Our teams work with you to design, deploy, and manage your environment 24×7 for optimal performance and high availability.   Private Cloud Managed Services


  • Reduced and predictable IT costs
  • Enhanced agility and optimized performance
  • Reduced business risk
  • Lower TCO
  • Complete visibility and transparency
  • High Security: provide access only to authenticated users


A Managed Private Cloud Built Just for You

You want flexible managed private cloud hosting solutions that are reliable, affordable and scalable—and that’s just what NTT offers. The goal is always the same: to give you the exact hosting services you require today, while anticipating what you’ll need tomorrow.

Our approach to a managed private cloud solution allows you to take advantage of our experience with multiple platforms. Including core business systems and integration with third-party applications. Plus, you’ll rest easy knowing that our data center solutions are roadmapped, built and supported by industry-leading network, infrastructure, security and application engineer teams.

Purpose-built, our cloud architecture professionals will configure and tune your most complex business applications. We host everything, including your most mission-critical enterprise applications. With availability to your systems, our managed cloud services are engineered to deliver performance and security for complex enterprises. All with a compliant-ready foundation for a variety of security control points.

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