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Cloud computing is now more and more complex. The initial concept was to place workloads on a single cloud platform in a datacenter. But, public and hybrid cloud platforms became attractive options because they gave enterprises more choice. Now, more and more corporations are changing their IT landscape with multi-cloud and using multiple cloud platforms such as: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure to increase scalability, reduce costs or become more agile in their application infrastructure.  Multi-cloud strategies provide businesses more agility, flexibility and choice, but they can be complex and difficult to manage. Our professionals can help enterprises through every phase of a multi-cloud environment – from planning, migration, securing to optimizing.  Multi-cloud Managed Services

Next Generation Data Centers Across the Globe

Our comprehensive managed services are available globally, in our cutting edge data centers in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. Our data centers are strategically located for resilient connection to power, utilities and a diverse carrier network for the highest levels of reliability, redundancy and performance. The Innovative data center design unifies computing, storage, virtualization, networking and management into a single platform.

Multi-Cloud Benefits

  1. Avoid Vendor Lock-in. A strong Multi-Cloud strategy can prevent vendor lock in. This allows your business to be in control.   This flexibility allows one to pick the right tool for the right job, a mechanism to leverage technology innovation from different providers. Technology and cloud are changing so rapidly, and [they are changing] a lot. Companies that are less “locked down”, have flexibility and agility to grow with new cloud technologies.
  2. Managed Cloud Services Provider Expertise. Companies that engage a managed cloud service provider can increase productivity and enhance functionality provided to clients without hiring additional staff or spending time managing the cloud environment. Our experts do the heavy lifting in managing, securing and ensuring the environment operates at optimal performance.
  3. Flexibility and Scalability. Businesses grow. Demands change. Technology innovations rapidly occur.  Our multi-cloud solutions scale along with your business. By engaging more than one cloud-hosting company, enterprises can match needs to the solutions that fit the best and alter them to fit business and technology requirements.
  4. Cost Governance. There was an assumption that public cloud costs less. As organizations began to utilize a public cloud strategy, they quickly realized this was not always the case. In some cases, public cloud actually costs more.

Why NTT for Multi-Cloud?

  • Single point of management
  • Avoid vendor lock in
  • Trusted advisor and guidance
  • Robust Security Compliance and Governance
    • Same trusted security model across multiple cloud environments.