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Managed Infrastructure

The Right Cloud Services for Business

The speed of change is growing at an exponential rate. Organizations demand speed and flexibility while preserving security to keep an edge on the competition.  Managed Infrastructure Services help organizations focus on what’s most important − clients and reducing the cost associated with managing underlying applications, operating systems and infrastructure. Fully backed by a leading application-level SLA that fits unique business needs.

When you select NTT Ltd. to provide end-to-end managed cloud services, you no longer have to spend time worrying about costly optimization efforts.

Confidence in Managed Infrastructure

Companies can leverage the economics of NTT Ltd.’s investment into robust cloud infrastructure, built upon leading best-of-breed systems delivering security, flexibility and high performance. We help to avoid the risks of vendor lock-in and allow customers to run diverse workloads on the most effective cloud infrastructure. Clients can scale environments up and down throughout the year, while remaining compliant with the strictest control requirements.

We help clients with their Hybrid Cloud strategy, on premise, hosted, private and public cloud. We work with companies of every size on advising, transitioning and managing custom workloads from on-premise to Public Cloud IaaS with Microsoft® Amazon®, Google® and Oracle®. With our Managed Public Cloud Services, enterprises can take full advantage of the many benefits of Public Cloud and still maintain security and governance, while containing overall spend with Hybrid Cloud.


  • Trusted Reputation. Expertise from people focused on supporting critical applications. Trusted guidance from Cloud Transformation specialists at anytime.
  • Customer Choice. Best in breed technology, flexible options to meet specific business and technology requirements. We provide clients with pure managed infrastructure-as-a-service through building and managing the completely dedicated private cloud environments.
  • World-class Infrastructure. Process performance gains up to 7x to the end user on our infrastructure with most effective Disaster Recovery solutions available.
  • Data Center Security. Our Managed Cloud data centers are the pinnacle of enterprise security, compliance and performance.
  • Tailored Services. Available options for custom applications, systems, versions and infrastructure, allowing customers to focus on the processes closest to their business and their customers.
  • All Flash-Based Storage. Get up to 7x performance with all flash-based storage.

Take advantage of our Managed Infrastructure today.