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SAP® Security Services

Trust Your SAP Security and Compliance to the Professionals

Maintaining a clean, compliant security architecture is becoming increasingly complex in SAP environments. NTT’s experienced team of certified SAP security professionals can simplify the process.

Our security and controls solutions deliver the flexibility to administer 24x7x365 expert security and audit-ready compliance coverage, or simply provide expert support when you need it most. Plus at NTT, affordable doesn’t mean offshoring or settling for second-rate contractors. You’ll have a dedicated team of highly-trained SAP security consultants who will develop a deep understanding of your security architecture. The result is a more strategic approach to the management of your environment, seamless interactions between your team and NTT, and faster issue resolution.

Flexible Solutions for Security Administration

  • Monitoring – Analysis of user activities, security violations, identification of inactive logons and unused passwords, recording of system usage statistics.
  • Maintenance — Design and construction of roles, management of day-to-day user changes, identification and implementation of security changes to reduce exposure to unauthorized system access.
  • Technical troubleshooting for complex authorization issues
  • Change Control Management  Process validation and implementation of change control processes.
  • Audit reporting – Role and transaction assignments, documentation of system administration accounts and passwords, user and role change documentation, Segregation of Duties reports, periodic role validation workbooks.

Depending on your needs you can enlist NTT to augment your own security team, or utilize the full force of our specialists and state of the art tools.

SAP Security Services


  • Security SafetyNet – Utilize a block of hours to augment your internal security team with our specialists as you need them.
  • Security Complete – Our experts work directly in your system for complete administration of your security environment
  • Security Complete PlusGRC – Enlist our experts for complete ControlPanelGRC software-enabled administration of your security environment.


  • Security Assessment & Remediation Services – Full review of your security architecture conducted by NTT specialists. Our teams provide a prioritized list of security risks and recommendations on how to mitigate those risks or implement the required security architecture changes.
  • Security Architecture Design & Implementation – The connections between Roles, Transactions and Segregation of Duties rules are complex. Security architectures that develop organically, only as business needs arise, result in a system so cumbersome that maintaining compliance becomes increasingly difficult.
  • Central User Administration (CUA) Deployment Services – SAP CUA establishes a single point of administration for SAP User accounts. It also provides a primary source of information for the security attributes of Users such as authentication and authorization assignments.

Your Own A-Team

By partnering with NTT, our SAP security and compliance professionals blend seamlessly into your environment, keeping you Always Audit Ready™ and focused on what matters – running your business.

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