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SAP on Azure

Expedite! For SAP on Azure

More and more companies are migrating to public cloud: it’s now the norm. Microsoft and SAP’s joint efforts have resulted in an SAP certified public cloud infrastructure capable of handling large instances and workloads while also simplifying integration between Microsoft Office 365 and other SAP cloud solutions.

Microsoft Azure is a robust, powerful, mature and reliable cloud platform and deploying SAP on Azure provides the best of both worlds: agility and scalability on a reliable platform. Moving SAP and other mission-critical applications, however, into the public cloud can seem daunting, but much of the perceived risk in the process can be mitigated by working with partners with expertise in public cloud migration and management. Expedite! For SAP on Azure is a comprehensive solution that guides SAP migrations from assessment and design to migration and ongoing optimization.

SAP Pinnacle AwardSAP on Azure: The Power of Partnership

NTT works with strategic partners to deliver Expedite! For SAP on Microsoft Azure, a comprehensive solution to help companies with SAP landscapes in their journey to S/4HANA.  The combined SAP experience, coupled with advanced conversion and migration tools, provide a unique platform for accelerating the digital transformation journey while minimizing business disruption. But, it doesn’t stop there. After the migration, our team works with clients to optimize the applications, and access surrounding technologies such as IoT, AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics, to enhance the client experience by creating business value through predictive and operational analytics.


  • Predictable Costs
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management
  • Predictive and Operational Analytics
  • Security and Compliance Controls
  • Cost Containment
  • Trusted Expertise
  • Comprehensive, Industry-leading Support


  • Identify Business Drivers
  • Extend Your IT Team
  • Minimize Business Disruption
  • Accelerate Public Cloud Migration
  • Leverage an Integrated Solution
  • Enhance Your Security Posture
  • Meet Compliance Requirements and Simplify Audits

We can help you to unlock the value of your SAP mission-critical environment in the cloud with the power of advanced technologies, innovation and industry expertise.

Comprehensive Cloud Readiness Assessment

An Expedite! For SAP on Azure Assessment is an optimal starting point for SAP® S/4HANA clients who want to migrate workloads to public cloud and are seeking a lift and shift to Microsoft Azure, organizations that require evaluation and supporting business drivers before launching an S/4HANA upgrade, or companies that may be considering migration to Microsoft Azure. This powerful assessment helps CIOs and IT leaders determine if migrating to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform is right for their business, or if changing from their current provider to a different cloud service is a viable option. It analyzes IT environment resources and provides cost-benefit intelligence to help make informed decisions.

Our consultants’ expertise, combined with automated assessment tools, help to uncover applications that need to be migrated with S/4HANA, as well as provide an inventory of physical servers, applications, security risks, risk mitigation strategies, and other powerful analytics to make an informed decision on the best blueprint for system and data migrations.

SAP on Azure Demo

If you’re interested in an SAP on Azure environment, watch this demo conducted by Nick Suter, our Senior SAP Public Cloud Architect. In the demo, Nick shows you the capabilities of SAP on an Azure environment.


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