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Oracle Hyperion Managed Services

Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) 11.2 is now available!
As of December 19, 2019, EPM 11.2 was made available. Oracle has announced a “Continuous Innovation” release model for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management System 11.2, delivering ongoing applications and underlying technology stack updates without a major upgrade. For more information, review Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Officially Joins Oracle Applications Unlimited – What Does This Mean?

Data Drives Decisions

Now more than ever data is the nucleus of the business universe – it drives analytics, benchmarking, forecasting, machine learning and artificial intelligence – in turn helping enterprises with their transformative decision making process. In today’s competitive global market it is imperative to accurately forecast budgets and financials, as well as increase or decrease productivity output to achieve the highest results.


More Data Intelligence, Less Time Waiting

Oracle continues to remain a market leader in Enterprise Performance Management  and offers an excellent platform for financial planning and budgeting, financial close management and operational planning. Oracle Hyperion technology delivers valuable knowledge to the enterprise – the question is how much time does the enterprise Hyperion Managed Serviceswant to spend managing the platform to support the various applications?

  • Hyperion Financial Management and Financial Close
  • Hyperion Planning (including Workforce Planning, PSPB, and HPCM)
  • Oracle Essbase
  • SmartView, Financial Reporting, OBIEE, FDM, FDMEE, DRM
  • Cloud Services products including Planning & Budgeting (PBCS), Enterprise Planning (EPBCS), Financial Consolidation & Close (FCCS), Enterprise Performance Reporting (EPRCS), Profitability & Cost Management (PCMCS) and Tax Reporting (TRCS)

This is where NTT Comes In…with Comprehensive Hyperion Managed Services

Oracle Hyperion applications and complementary tools require periodic maintenance and updates to keep systems running smoothly and securely.  This is where NTT comes in – with next-generation Managed Services for Hyperion,  where an enterprise can leverage our application team’s expertise and next-generation infrastructure to provide the optimal performance necessary to stay agile in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Let us provide:

  • Advisory Planning: Experienced personnel to assess, design, upgrade or migrate mission critical ERP applications.
  • Compliance: Framework of best practices, measured processes and standards to simplify the audit and compliance process for a client.
  • Scheduled Tasks: Oracle expertise to manage, monitor and automate required weekly, monthly, or quarterly tasks to ensure they occur timely and efficiently. As an example, the Java and Web Logic in a Hyperion environment needs to be patched consistently.
  • Unscheduled Tasks: When an unexpected issue arises causing a disruption, the enterprise has quick access to experienced technical personnel 24×7. In addition, our client portal makes it easy to track any issue to resolution.
  • Scalability and Performance: Through consistent monitoring, monthly reporting and quarterly business reviews our teams will work to recommend innovative changes to achieve cost effective scalability and high availability performance.
  • Software and Tools Updates: With NTT as an extension of your team we work with you and manage a range updates (OS, database, web browser, middleware updates to application upgrades such as Hyperion 11.1.X to 11.2) to keep the environment secure and optimized.

Now is the Time to Engage a Managed Services Provider

Acclimating to the new normal means the enterprise must plan as if another global pandemic will occur – this means addressing lack of critical resources, weakness in the supply chain and gaps in business continuity plans.  In these challenging times, it is more important than ever for an enterprise to set their priorities and focus their resources. Oracle Hyperion applications and complementary tools require consistent periodic maintenance and updates to keep the systems running smoothly and securely.

A managed services provider with the proper ERP and hyperscaler experience can advise the enterprise on how best to address short term requirements like ensuring scalable and secure access to all necessary business applications under peak demand while at the same time helping to plan for longer term transformations.  Detailed and thoughtful planning must be given across the wide range of technologies being utilized to ensure users have a reliable, secure and resilient experience.  A Managed Services Provider can help enterprises to future proof their Hyperion investment and to develop an application roadmap.

What Differentiates NTT Ltd.?

  • ERP Experience: We have over 20 years of experience in implementing, hosting, upgrading and maintaining Oracle Hyperion, eBusiness Suite, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards environments.
  • Security: Our managed infrastructure is built with security and compliance in mind, with multiple layers of protection from the physical data center all the way through to the database. If the enterprise elects to utilize hybrid cloud or public cloud our consultants review how the client can best use the cloud while achieving the desired levels of security and compliance.
  • Rapid Enablement: Prompt delivery of new technologies that provide practical function, efficiencies, performance and competitive advantage.
  • Dedicated Client Management: Client Success Managers engage from the start during client on-boarding and remain assigned through the life of the contract.
  • Flexibility: Our managed services are designed to support an on-premise, private, hybrid or multi-cloud approach. We provide a single consistent governance model, ticketing system, customer support structure to manage all workloads — on-premise, public cloud or NTT’s enterprise private cloud.


Future Proof Your Oracle Investment

Several enterprises are running Oracle Hyperion which provides more time to determine long-term strategies. Enterprises have are three options: stay put, upgrade to version 11.2 or move to the cloud. Our consulting team can help you assess and determine the next steps in the life cycle of your mission-critical application.

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