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Application Services

Secure, fast and optimal enterprise applications performance is crucial to maintaining competitive advantage. Processes are becoming more integrated, yielding powerful business insight and increasing the need for reliable application services. We provide a comprehensive, yet flexible approach to managing the core systems functionality for applications allowing companies to focus on customer success.

Our application services are designed to simplify and secure enterprise applications across the organization.We build robust application management systems to keep mission-critical applications and underlying systems up-to-date, secure and performing optimally. Our portfolio consists of an extensive suite of managed application services.



  • Tailored Services. IT managed services tailored to your business.
  • Accelerated Problem Resolution. Access to dedicated support teams for accelerated problem resolution.
  • Reduced Risk. Advanced monitoring tools to detect performance issues and prevent problems before they become critical.
  • Industry-leading Support. Guaranteed application-level Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • Long-term Partnership. Highly strategic service relationship dedicated to your business.

Managed Application Services for Custom Applications

We understand that custom web applications are critical to the everyday operations of organizations. We provide customizable managed application services to support custom business applications, developed in a variety of web frameworks including Java, J2EE, and ASP.NET architectures.

Our managed cloud solutions are designed to improve system performance up to 7x that of legacy environments, while ensuring that custom applications are available and secure. We go beyond traditional managed IT with our high-touch, customer-centric focus on IT needs at any time around the clock with industry-leading support services.

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