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ControlPanelGRC: SAP Security Acceleration Suite

Troubleshoot and Remediate Security Issues

ControlPanelGRC’s SAP Security Acceleration Suite automates routine SAP security processing


SAP Security Acceleration Suite



Developed specifically for SAP security administrators, the ControlPanelGRC SAP Security Acceleration Suite provides mission-critical information to recreate and troubleshoot your security issues, such as security testing, password resets and synchronization, and user and SAP role version management.

  • SAP User and Role Change Accelerators – Fully document the reasons changes are made on users. Compare current and previous versions, revert to older versions, and make mass changes to roles and user assignments. While change documents are available in SAP® systems, they don’t always paint the full picture of why a change was made. The SAP User and Role Accelerators module enables security administrators to create additional documentation on the reasons that changes are made on users, while also providing versioning of roles in SAP systems.
  • SAP License Optimization – Turn your next SAP license audit into an opportunity to improve SAP license management; draw on live usage statistics to provide data at the user, user group, license and transaction levels. The SAP License Optimization tool in ControlPanelGRC®‘s Usage Analyzer draws on live statistical usage data from your SAP system to provide you with data at the user, group, license and transaction levels. The result: You have a wealth of information to support your business efforts.
  • SU53 Alternative Security Troubleshooter – Use advanced data capture and diagnostic tools to quickly resolve user access issues and reduce the time and effort SAP administrators spend on resolving day-to-day issues. The Security Troubleshooter module lets you quickly capture and report all relevant information for rapid resolution of SAP security access issues. The result: issues are resolved faster, so SAP administrators spend less time on day-to-day problems, and users can back to their jobs with minimal frustration.
  • SAP Security Testing and Quality Assurance – Streamline and improve management of the SAP security testing process; manage user IDs and roles en masse for effortless rollouts. The SAP® Security Testing and Quality Assurance module of streamlines testing and roll-out of users and roles. Using its powerful tools and utilities, administrators can manage user IDs and roles en masse, for effortless SAP implementations and roll-outs.
  • SAP Password Reset Tool – Tame the tedium of SAP password resets; replace “Password Day” with automatic resets of user passwords in all SAP systems from a single convenient transaction. The SAP Password Reset with Password Manager module automatically resets user passwords in all SAP systems in a single convenient transaction. That eliminates “password day,” when users have to log into multiple systems to manually reset all their passwords. Instead, users and SAP support staff can quickly reset their passwords—and get on with productive work.