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ControlPanelGRC: SAP® Basis Control Suite

Streamline Your SAP Technical Operations

ControlPanelGRC’s SAP Basis Control Suite automates compliant SAP change management, batch jobs and SLA reporting. Keep your SAP technical issues from falling through the cracks.

The suite includes a powerful workflow engine with embedded compliance, to eliminate repetitive daily tasks. Harness the power of ControlPanelGRC today and ensure you’re Always Audit Ready™.

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Change Request Processing

Batch Job Management

SLA Reporting


Simplify Your SAP Batch Job Management


Auditors often focus on SAP® batch job management. But since it lies outside the realm of SAP security administration, most governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions omit batch controls. Batch Manager brings change management controls to your SAP software. By automating the scheduling and monitoring of complex batch jobs across multiple systems, this module reduces the risk of batch job failure, maintain a documented audit trail, and ease your staff’s batch management workload.


Automate Routine Tasks: SAP Transport Management


The SAP Transport Management module automates the routine tasks of the SAP transport management process, using a compliance-focused workflow. This ensures a more controlled and secure environment. Employing its workflow, you can easily maintain an audit trail and ensure compliance throughout


Let’s see where you stand today. Request a free risk assessment.


We take the anxiety out of compliance

  • No hardware expenses
  • Configuration go-live in as little as one day, training your team in one week
  • Lower implementation costs and no costs for upgrades
  • Reduce time spent on compliance activities
  • Lower cost of ownership