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ControlPanelGRC: SAP® Access Control Suite

Intelligent Management of SAP User Access

ControlPanelGRC’s SAP Access Control Suite lets you quickly assess potential compliance failures, easily remediate segregation of duties (SOD) conflicts, and control access to your SAP software to ensure you’re Always Audit Read™. The suite also helps prevent excessive user access. And, using powerful workflow and automated utilities, it supports effortless, continuous compliance reporting as well.

  • SAP Segregation of Duties (SoD) Risk Analysis – Conduct real time SAP risk analysis, define segregation of duties (SOD), determine sensitive authorization, and prevent excessive user access.  The SAP Segregation of Duties (SoD) Risk Analyzer module of the Access Control Suite enables you to conduct real-time SAP governance, risk and compliance (GRC) analysis. It also enables you to define and address separation of duties, determine sensitive authorizations, and prevent excessive user access.
  • SAP Transaction Usage Analysis – Use SAP GRC transaction usage data to streamline business processes, remediate compliance risks, and save time and cost by scoping upgrades, planning training and maximizing SAP license usage. With the SAP Transaction Usage Analyzer module of the Access Control Suite, you gain valuable insights into your SAP transaction usage. Those insights can help you streamline business processes and remediate compliance risks—not to mention reducing time and costs by properly scoping upgrades, planning training and maximizing SAP license usage.
  • SAP Emergency Access Management – Maintain a continuous state of audit-readiness by logging and tracking everything a user does during an SAP “firecall” session. With the Access Control Suite’s SAP Emergency Access Manager module, you can ensure an Always Audit Ready™ state by logging and tracking every activity that each user performs during an SAP “firecall” session.
  • SAP User Provisioning and Role Management – Accelerate day-to-day SAP security administration and maintain audit-ready status with an integrated solution for compliant SAP software user provisioning and role change management. Featuring both compliant SAP user provisioning and role change management capabilities, this module also includes time-saving tools for risk analysis, troubleshooting, automated testing and role versioning.
  • SAP User Access Review Automation – Gain an automated solution for reviews of user access and role certification, and reduce audit preparation costs, administrative burdens and staff frustration. External auditors require organizations to periodically certify users’ access to SAP® based on job functions. With the SAP User Access Review Automation module of the Access Control Suite, you can automate your user access and role certification reviews, and identify and mitigate the risk of excessive access in your SAP software environment.
  • SAP Audit Management – Reduce the time and effort of preparing for audits by automating the execution, delivery and validation tracking of SAP audit reports. The SAP Audit Management with AutoAuditor™ module helps you substantially reduce the time and effort of audit preparation by automating the execution, delivery and validation tracking of your SAP audit reports.
  • SAP HR Security Automation – Empower SAP HCM users to address three critical HR security needs: monitoring and protecting sensitive HR data, securely updating HR files, and safeguarding HR data outside of production systems. The SAP® HR Security Automation with HR Analyzer™ module helps SAP HCM users address three of their most challenging HR security issues. It provides monitoring and protection of sensitive HR data; a secure “one-step” process for updating files; and a built-in data scrambling routine to protect information used outside of production systems. The result: better management of employee changes and faster time to value for personnel changes.

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