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Always Audit Ready™ with ControlPanelGRC®

NTT’s ControlPanelGRC® software suite is focused on providing a comprehensive compliance automation solution for SAP® environments.

"After an initial scoping study at the end of the year, we met our goal to go live the following July. All the roles were redesigned and documented, and all risks were eliminated or mitigated with the appropriate course of action."

- Head of IT

"The audit process is no longer the headache it once was... everything is electronic and automated, so there are no more manual paper reviews. This also cuts down on auditing fees, so there’s a cost savings as well as a time savings."

- SAP Security Analyst

Save time and money by automating compliance and auditing tasks


ControlPanelGRC® is a powerful, flexible, and easy to implement governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) platform. With an exceptional experience, rapid implementation, seamless integration to SAP, and robust reporting and analytics, ControlPanelGRC keeps SAP users Always Audit Ready™ — saving time and money while eliminating anxiety and uncertainty from the compliance process:

  • No hardware expenses. ControlPanelGRC installs directly in your existing SAP infrastructure via SAP transport.
  • Minimal time to implement, shorter time to value. Configuration go-live in as little as one day, training your team in one week.
  • Lower implementation costs and no costs for upgrades.
  • Reduce time spent on compliance activities. ControlPanel GRC AutoAuditor pushes reports in workflow for approval enabling your staff to complete their tasks in less time.
  • Lower cost of ownership.

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ControlPanelGRC: Four Solution Suites


The platform offers a set of modules that work individually or as a cohesive end-to-end solution to provide full awareness of controls in your SAP environments

Access Control Suite

Process Control Suite

SAP Security Acceleration

Basis Control Suite

Using powerful workflow and automated utilities, this suite supports effortless, continuous compliance reporting.

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Gain Continuous Control Monitoring (CMM) for your key SAP business processes.

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SAP Security Acceleration Suite provides mission-critical information to recreate and troubleshoot your security issues.

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Automates compliant SAP change management, batch jobs, and SLA reporting.

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Integrating S/4HANA & Fiori Applications with Access Controls


To maintain compliance, your SoD risk analysis data must be actionable, provide remediation options, and be easy to understand for non-technical users. Typically, “out of the box” OData service authorizations need to be translated into business functions, and then mapped to usage data so that reviewers can tell if the SAP Fiori application is in use or if it can be removed.

ControlPanelGRC developed a simplified concept to include SAP Fiori applications into SoD rules and released an SAP S/4HANA SoD ruleset. This provides an automated discovery process, captures usage of SAP Fiori applications, and pushes SoD analysis data to the appropriate business users for review and removal. With ControlPanelGRC®, NTT is relentlessly committed to delivering solutions that meet the depth and breadth of your compliance challenges.

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SAP Compliance Reporting and Audit Support with ControlPanelGRC


  • Shorter Time to Value

    Get ABAP-based application installs directly into existing infrastructure via SAP Transport. Our out-of-the box integration and configuration enables go-live in as little as one day. Plus, typical implementation and training can be completed in less than one week.

  • Ease of Use

    Business users self-assess for risk with reports pushed to them in workflow; Technical Users perform root cause analysis providing remediation options; and Auditors review automatically generated reports to validate controls. Bottom line: you receive out-of-the-box- reporting which delivers the right cut of data to all constituents.

  • Superior User Experience

    Our goal is to exceed client expectations with white glove support before, during, and after implementation. Our flexibility enables us to support your unique business and technology requirements.

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