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Cloud Foundation Services

Achieve Enterprise Agility

Before you migrate your applications to the cloud, you need to set up a landing zone on public cloud. With our Cloud Foundation Services, we enable our clients to build resilient cloud platforms on all major cloud services providers.

Our Cloud Foundation Services ensure that all the planning, security, governance, and architecture are in place, and the cloud platform is ready and aligned with Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). We deliver these services in four phases: Define, Design, Deliver, and Transition, so that the landing zone is ready and operational. After the transition, we can proceed with the migration of the workloads for you, or we can hand the landing zone back to you again. NTT Managed Services also provides comprehensive managed services to run and maintain your workloads.


  • Creates a scalable hybrid cloud architecture using proven cloud standards, tenancy structure, and cloud connectivity, such as BCP/DR design, etc.
  • Establishes a cost-effective and agile cloud environment before any migration takes place
  • Enables clients to design and build a secure cloud platform with proactive security controls to increase security against cyberattacks and adhere to regulatory compliance requirements
  • Leverages proven cloud architecture blueprints based on best practices and certified by solution architects to deliver fast, efficient, and consistent architectures on a global scale
  • Operation enablement for integrating cloud services with existing ITSM processes
  • Increase agility through DevOps and infrastructure as code automation integrated with container platforms
  • Work smarter by monitoring IaaS/PaaS services and applications hosted in cloud for availability, performance, and cost
  • Option for cloud migration services and comprehensive managed services to run and maintain your cloud workloads