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Security Information and Event Management

Inform, Interpret and Investigate

Every device in the enterprise IT landscape poses a potential risk of a security breach. While the industry is primarily focused on perimeter security, an even higher threat or vulnerability may be present. What if a security breach went undetected?

With Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services, we log, investigate and report on security events providing visibility and allowing for timely remediation of critical vulnerabilities or breaches.

In addition to actionable intelligence, our managed SIEM solution provides reporting to assist in audits including outputs from security logs and file integrity monitoring.

Secure-24 Security Information and Event Management provides:

  • Log analysis and aggregation
  • Compliance reporting
  • File integrity monitoring
  • User activity monitoring
  • Event correlation
  • Real-time alerting and log retention

For more information about how to leverage the enhanced reporting and increased security of Managed SIEM, contact one of our experts today .