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Secure-24 Compliance Elite

Trusted Security Advisors for the Strictest Compliance

Secure-24 understands that every client has unique security requirements.  Compliance Elite packages can be catered to individual client requirements to meed regulatory compliance, business process and risk profiles.

Secure-24’s Compliance Elite takes our Managed Security Services solution to the next level with enhanced security and compliance as well as detailed, transparent reporting – all ‘must-have’ capabilities in today’s world of strict compliance. It combines technology and process enabling clients to meet the most stringent compliance and regulatory standards.

Security FactWith Secure-24 Compliance Elite™, Secure-24’s managed services clients can achieve security, compliance and privacy objectives while reducing the complexity of governance. Secure-24 Compliance Elite delivers highly customized security that meets customers’ compliance requirements, even as their business needs change.

Mapping Security Services, Technologies and Controls

Compliance Elite aides compliance management by mapping security services, technologies, and controls to specific industry compliances such as PCI-DSS, GDPR, ITAR/EAR, HIPAA/HITECH, HITRUST and virtually any other level of security customers require. It also offers detailed and transparent reporting both direct from an applicable underlying security technology stack as well as through Secure-24’s CloudLink™ customer portal.


  • Advanced Threat Intelligence
  • Advanced Vulnerability Scanning
  • Customized Remote Access
  • Customized Multifactor Solutions


  • Accelerated detection and response
  • Increased security posture
  • Enhanced security support when and where you need it most.

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