Secure-24 is now NTT!

NTT brought the world's best technology companies and emerging innovators together, to deliver sustainable outcomes to your business and the world. Together we are one. Together we do great things.

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Secure-24 and NTT: Together We are One

Secure-24 is now the Managed Services division of NTT Ltd. 

NTT Managed Services

Company Background

Founded in 2001, Secure-24 operated as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), and the primary investor was Pamlico Capital, a private equity group based in Charlotte, NC. Pamlico supported Secure-24 since 2012, and helped to fuel growth by investing in resources, expertise, and updating infrastructure and technical capabilities. It was a highly successful partnership. However, as is the nature of private equity firms, a five-year return on investment cycle is quite common in the industry, and Pamlico decided to sell its interest in Secure-24.

Acquisition Timeline

November 13, 2017
NTT Communications announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Secure-24 LLC, pursuant to which NTT Com will wholly acquire Secure-24.

April 26, 2018
NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT Group completed its 100% acquisition of Secure-24. Since this date, Secure-24 operated as an independent entity. Secure-24 operated as a stand-alone business for NTT Com,  known as “Secure-24, an NTT Company”, to continue to leverage the brand recognition and brand equity that we established in the marketplace. Managed services were a key focus of the NTT Group’s strategies for global growth. The acquisition of Secure-24 enabled NTT Com, Dimension Data and other members of the NTT Group to strengthen their global capabilities to help enterprise customers effectively operate and maintain a wide range of enterprise applications such as SAP and Oracle.

July 1, 2019
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT Corporation) launched NTT Ltd., a world-leading global technology services provider that brought together the capabilities of 30+ affiliate companies, including NTT Communications, Dimension Data and NTT Security into one US $11 billion business.  Secure-24 is among the last of 30+ affiliate NTT companies to undergo a name change. We are now the  Managed Services division of NTT Ltd, and we have the backing of one of the largest technology services companies in the world:

  • 40,000 employees across 70+ countries and regions
  • USD 11 billion in revenue
  • 160+ data centers in 20 countries and regions with 33 multi-cloud connects

What Does This Mean For Our Clients?

It means that clients now have access to a full breadth of industry-leading managed services solutions to address business and technology needs. Clients now have access to an enhanced range of managed services across multiple technologies:

  • Scalable, world-class technologies and managed services platforms
  • In-depth industry solutions
  • Increased investment in innovation and R&D

This is an exciting time for our employees, clients and partners. NTT Ltd. shares our values of quality, innovation and superior customer service. Together we are one and together we do great things!


Listen to our senior executives discuss what our re-brand means to clients, partners and employees.

Together we do great things