Webinar: Choosing the Cloud Strategy That Works for Your SAP Landscape

Secure-24 and PureStorage, in collaboration with SAPinsider, recently hosted a webinar on choosing the cloud strategy that will work for an SAP landscape.  What kind of cloud strategy will truly lead to cost savings or better flexibility? And will your SAP workloads really run more efficiently? The webinar answers these questions and many more.

View the Webinar replay to learn:

  • Which cloud deployment solutions are available for SAP environments (On-premise/Hosted/Hybrid/etc.).
  • How Secure-24, a leading SAP Cloud provider, has a proven practice for successfully migrating SAP workloads to a private cloud environment.
  • How PureStorage and Secure-24 provide joint end-to-end solutions to run SAP on-premise and in the cloud.

Download the presentation slides.