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Secure-24's Focus on Continuous Professional Development Helps Drive High Retention Rate

October 19, 2017

In’s monthly Training Forum Newsletter,  David Piwowar, Vice President of HR, Secure-24, discusses how Secure-24’s focus on continuous professional development helps drive high retention.

Talent ManagementSummary: Secure-24 employees are immersed in a culture of learning, and they have a myriad of opportunities to learn and grow professionally throughout their career. “The thing people really love about Secure-24 is their ability to learn,” says Vice President of HR David Piwowar. Secure-24 hires many entry-level IT employees right out of college and puts them through its Academy Model training program. “The Academy Model is a big part of what makes us successful in our training. “It is a key differentiator for us,” Piwowar agrees.

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