Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services: Trust and Confidence Through Design

In today’s IT climate of data leaks and hacks, a major objective for any organization is the protection of private and sensitive data. Information security is at the forefront of Secure-24’s Managed Security Services. It is our guiding design principle and a strategic pillar of focus to continue to build trust with customers and partners.

Secure-24 Compliance Elite

Achieve security, compliance and privacy objectives while reducing the complexity of governance. Secure-24 Compliance Elite™, an enhancement to our Managed Security Services, delivers highly customized security that meets clients’ compliance requirements, even as their business needs change. Compliance Elite, a component of our Managed Security Services, provides enhanced security services for the strictest compliance requirements.

Executive Security Information Advisory Services

Executive Security Information Advisory Services is another key service offering within our Managed Security Services. Executive Security Information Advisory Services provides assistance with designing information security and privacy programs that will help to improve overall organizational performance. Advisory services include:

Cyber Defense – a highly specialized team of security experts certified in security penetration testing, incident detection and remediation.

Virtual Security Architect – includes experts who participate in and direct client’s security architecture and reviews the effectiveness of security and privacy technology initiatives.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer Services (vCISO) – let our security experts be an extension of your team. You get on-demand access to top executive security leaders and comprehensive security insight and counsel. vCISO services include:

– Information security assessments

– Information security roadmap design

– Security policy and procedure implementation

– Advice and counsel on potential security threats

– Security technology recommendations

Security Information and Event Management

Every device in the enterprise IT landscape poses a potential risk of a security breach. While the industry is primarily focused on perimeter security, an even higher threat or vulnerability may be present. What if a security breach went undetected?
With Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services, we log, investigate and report on security events. providing visibility and allowing for timely remediation of critical vulnerabilities or breaches.

Computer System Validation

Secure-24 offers the premier Computer System Validation (CSV) for Managed Services to help businesses maintain the highest level of quality standards.Through use of extensive Installation Qualification (IQ) in Managed Cloud options depending on unique business requirements, users have flexibility in maintaining control over specific functional aspects within other portions of the Validation life cycle model, Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ).

Highest Physical Data Center Security Standards

Secure-24 designed its world-class data centers with the highest security standards and compliance. We considered the full range of security features in our design: construction standards such as concrete and steel-reinforced walls, multi-layered biometric access controls, redundancy for every component, and strict process and procedures.

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