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Private Equity / Mergers & Acquisitions

Reduced risk. Enhanced valuation.

Reduced Risk and Better Valuation in Transactions

We deliver complete IT transformation solutions for Private Equity and Merger & Acquisition (M&A) advisors. We’ve got a track record of managing services for the most complex firms to divest, merge and consolidate systems quickly and effectively. We understand how timing investments is critical to success at each stage of the transaction. We work with Private Equity firms to increase future valuations by reducing the cost of on-going operations, while reducing TSA timelines, improving the stability and performance through our Cloud Transformation Services, Managed Cloud Services and Managed Application Services.

Investors must differentiate themselves to establish a clear advantage in the competitive fields of Private Equity and M&A. While every deal has its own unique needs, some position a strategic carve-out and quickly need to spin-off infrastructure into a stable managed cloud service. Others are seeking to consolidate and transform legacy, disparate infrastructure from multiple locations.

Our engineers can lead the transformation from design through execution, helping reduce costs and increasing operational efficiency – thus accelerating success. Secure-24 is the partner that can you help achieve your business and technology goals.

A Robust Platform for Growth

We understand the unique IT requirements of Private Equity / M&A and provides expertise to support your IT transformation requirements with partial or total IT outsourcing:

  • Assessment, planning, and validation.
    Quickly eliminate dependence on TSA.
  • Architecture and design.
    Access to teams of technology experts.
  • Full lifecycle management.
    Implementation and ongoing support.
  • Reduced IT costs and improved ROI.
    Shift from CapEx to OpEx.
  • Flexible IT platform for future growth.
    Predictable IT costs.


  • Reduce Risk

    Leverage the stability and security of our state-of-the-art data centers, purpose-built to host the most critical and compliant enterprise workloads during and after transition.

  • Business Transformation

    Access enterprise hosting solutions and cloud services that supply the application infrastructure that businesses need today and the architecture to support future business transformation.

  • Innovation and Competitive Advantage

    Leverage infrastructure to increase deal valuation, maximize efficiency and increase value-add to target acquisition.

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