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Manufacturing & Distribution

Optimize Supply Chain Performance

Accelerate Product Development

Manufacturers and Distributors are investing in IT-enabled solutions that connect supply chains, reduce time to market, improve quality, provide real-time business insight and lower operational costs. Implementing these solutions for rapid, seamless exchange of data is accelerating product development across functional, geographic and organizational boundaries, which in turn helps reduce the cost.

We support global enterprises by providing dynamic IT infrastructure designed to accommodate changing market demands. Fully managed services free up resource,s so internal IT personnel can focus on strategic projects rather than day-to-day maintenance and support. Our solutions provide the capacity for innovation and end-to-end support that allow clients to realize reduced costs and increased operational efficiencies.

We partner with leading ERP software providers such as SAP and Oracle. These partnerships enable us to build technologically advanced and innovative solutions, gain valuable insights into industry best practices and share this knowledge and best practices with our clients.

Our best-in-class cloud transformation practice, and our seamless service delivery model, provide the highest level of support from project inception through ongoing operation. Our team of professionals have expertise in other related technologies: Transportation, Inventory and Engineering systems (QAD, Oracle ATG, PTC Hosting and more of your custom applications).


  • Consolidate legacy disparate IT systems

    Lower costs and shift from Capex to Opex.

  • Gain flexibility to embrace innovation as it emerges

    Improve application availability and reliability.

  • Improve system security and lower risk

    Reduce maintenance and upgrade costs.

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