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Integrate Your Information Systems

We understand the demands of engineering groups, including the need for instant access to information, high-performing product design and life-cycle applications that integrate seamlessly with other applications and groups. In a highly competitive industry that requires always-on functionality and highly responsive services, we provide the best end-to-end services for mission critical applications.

Focus on Your Business

We help engineering groups reduce risk by providing a stable, reliable and secure managed cloud environment. We deliver complementary services tailored to meet specific business requirements, whether it’s a custom application integration, consolidating a merger of disparate IT systems groups, or a compliance-related control objective. And we back our services with an application-level SLA that puts our customers in control, while enabling their teams to focus on what they do best.


  • Business and IT Transformation

    Access Enterprise hosting solutions and cloud services that supply the application infrastructure that businesses need today (including ERP, SAP, Oracle, Analytics, PLM and Custom Engineering applications) and the architecture to support future transformation.

  • Innovation for Competitive Advantage

    Leverage IT infrastructures that allow you to shift your spend from operations to innovation.

  • Tailored Service and Scalability

    Choose from a full suite of flexible technology management services, including application management and outsourcing, Managed Cloud, data center management, endpoint management, mobility services, implementation management, network management and Cloud Transformation specialists.

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