Energy & Utilities

Increase Operational Efficiency

Big, Powerful Data

Wireless and smart grids—and the huge impact of smart meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) will radically impact the way utility companies conduct business, and deliver services to customers. With AMI comes a proliferation of customer data—and to maximize the value of the data, it must be secure, accessible and available.

Big data is a start, but how it’s collected, monitored and presented is what creates a powerful decision-making tool.

Why Secure-24?

Secure-24 technical experts are not only highly skilled in ERP applications and emerging technologies, they have in-depth industry experience in delivering optimized, customized solutions.

As an SAP Certified Hosting and Cloud Provider, and an Oracle Platinum Partner, Secure-24 maintains, secures and optimizes complex ERP landscapes for several utilities and energy companies with global operations.


Scalability and Performance

Get the most out of your analytics and reporting with our next generation cloud infrastructure.

High Security and Minimized Risk

High data security and risk mitigation for better fraud protection by following industry best practices.

Innovation for Competitive Advantage

Leverage IT infrastructures that allow you to shift your spend from operations to innovation to maximize profitability and market valuation.
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