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Hadoop PaaS

Infrastructure Services to Move Enterprises from Data Puddle to Data Lake

Enterprises are dealing with increasingly large amounts of high-velocity data from various sources. As big data continues to increase, companies seek new technologies to help them cope and to gain a competitive advantage. Hadoop Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is rapidly becoming a part of big data ecosystems.

Our Hadoop expertise enables enterprises to focus on the business value drivers of their big data strategy, while Secure-24 provides a comprehensive and responsive Hadoop Platform-as-a-Service for Enterprise.

Approach with Enterprise Support 

Data can yield important analytical insight, though it is usually an incremental journey before reaping the benefits. Secure-24 provides comprehensive Hadoop Platform as-a-Service to support operational, security, financial and business use-cases of Hadoop framework solutions. With readily available 6-node virtual Hadoop clusters, to full-scale multi-petabyte (PB) deployments across geographic zones, Secure-24 provides the partnership and expertise to enable the most advanced big data solutions.


  • Readily available infrastructure and support services for Hadoop initiatives.
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and alarming via 100% US-based helpdesk and knowledgebase developed for custom Hadoop roadmaps.
  • Multi-layered security supporting top-level compliance requirements, including options for PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO and ITAR.


  • Strategic long-term partnership between functional teams and Secure-24 Infrastructure Services.
  • Faster data insights with the flexibility to adapt quickly to business or technology changes.
  • Predictable low cost options supporting entry-level big data options to full-scale deployments.

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