Graphics Processing: Simple and Secure

Byline: Scott McIsaac, CTO

Engineering and design, graphic-intensive applications require accelerated power and immediate access to systems at all times for greater efficiency. So, how can enterprises balance high-intensive graphics performance with user productivity?

It’s rather simple.

The days of accessing high powered, physical PC systems have been replaced by migrating the desktop to the Cloud leveraging Horizon View and Nvidia vGPU. This is great news for power users and designers who run demanding office and professional applications such as: high end CAD software like Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD or CATIA.  Moving graphic intense workloads to the Cloud enables GPU hardware acceleration within the data center. The increased productivity is evident – users can make design changes in the field real-time, collaborate with other team members, access their desktops from any device, anywhere and so much more. These high-powered, graphic-intensive applications are demanding and require additional graphics resources and power. Historically, designers and power users have used desktop workstations and it has been difficult to incorporate these roles into virtual deployments due to the need for high-end graphics.

Not anymore.

Secure-24 Engineering Desktops provide power users and designers the flexibility to work on the go, on the device of their choice, without compromising performance through desktop virtualization. This fully-managed engineering virtual desktop solution dramatically simplifies collaboration and enhances productivity of engineering and design resources as well as securing the end user creative data.

The new vGPU-enabled virtual desktops reduce capital costs and increase productivity and security for engineering and design user. Additionally, Engineering Desktops simplify the management of engineering workstations used for 3D intensive applications and secures high-value creative content by providing a virtual desktop with a dedicated, hardware-based graphics processor, in the company’s secure data centers.

Even better – enterprises can run concurrent desktops and experience significant cost savings because they purchase only the desktops that they need at any given time. Additionally, the onboarding process for new users is quick and efficient, resulting in enhanced engineering and design productivity.

Everyone across the enterprise benefits from enhanced graphics performance – whether working in CAD, Revit® or other high-powered graphic-intensive programs. Learn more about the benefits of Secure-24 Engineering Desktops.


Scott McIsaac