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Engineering Desktops

Secure-24 Engineering Desktops unlock the full potential of your workforce, while lowering capital expenditures and increasing collaboration. This fully managed solution leverages the industry-leading VMware Horizon View platform combined with NVIDIA GRID vGPU technology to deliver desktops for graphic-intensive applications.

Empowering IT at the Speed of Business

Engineering and design, graphic-intensive applications require accelerated power and immediate access to systems at all times for greater efficiency. The days of accessing high powered, physical PC systems have been replaced by migrating applications management to the Cloud.

Secure-24 Engineering Desktops empowers IT at the speed of business by providing power users the flexibility to work on the go, on the device of their choice, without compromising performance through desktop virtualization.

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  • Powerful virtual desktops with no oversubscription
  • Secure connection utilizing multi-factor authentication
  • Dedicated, hardware-based graphics memory per user
  • Flexible and scalable options to fit business and technology requirements.


  • Minimize Capital Costs: reduce the amount of capital expenditures with virtual desktop deployments
  • Increase Productivity: engineering and design power users have immediate access to graphic intensive applications at any time, from anywhere on any device.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: data is secured in Secure-24 SSAE 16 compliant data centers.

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