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Comprehensive Managed Services for Remote Offices

Managing Application Workloads in Remote Offices

Many organizations have Remote Offices and Branch Offices (ROBO) with local IT infrastructure. While these remote locations may have just a few servers running a few workloads to support local needs, on average approximately 50% of company data is managed outside of the data center, introducing the challenge of managing and protecting data. Managing data at the local level is challenging for a variety of reasons including: limited IT budgets, lack of IT resources at the local level and limited space.

Transforming Remote or Branch Office Management

Picture the peace of mind knowing ALL of your data, regardless of where it resides, achieving the same level of control and visibility you achieve today. Utilizing our application and infrastructure expertise, we analyze your IT infrastructure and provide recommendations on the right solution to deploy to maximize value and minimize risk.  With our Comprehensive Managed Services for Remote Offices,  we can move as much of your critical data to our Enterprise Private Cloud, while identifying “pockets” of systems that must run locally. We deliver location independent services through our Cloud controls to all of your data, regardless of where it resides or where your users work.

We are the first Private Cloud provider to Cloud-enable technology for the sole purpose of providing managed services for business critical applications that require branch/remote office or Public Cloud hosting.


  • Cloud controls applied to data and infrastructure at the edge
  • Data management at the local level with the highest security
  • Simplified  endpoint collection


  • Reduced Costs. Decrease capital expenses and eliminate IT labor costs at the branch.
  • Reduced Risk.  Manage critical data within our data center versus at the branch level.
  • Increased Application Availability.  Guaranteed application-level Service Level Agreements (SLA).
  • Long-term Partnership. Highly strategic service relationship dedicated to your business.
  • Predictable Costs. No hidden costs, with monthly service fees designed to meet your remote business needs.
  • Reduced Complexity. Via our simplified architecture.

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