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Customer Portal

Visibility into the Enterprise Data Center

Secure-24’s Customer Portal provides visibility into a customer’s Managed Cloud Services. Our customers have secure, real-time and historical insight into physical systems so that they are aware of how well their environments are operating.  To register for the Secure-24 Customer Portal, contact your Client Service Manager or Secure-24 Support at +1.800.332.0076.

24/7 Real-time Access to Your Data

The Customer Portal provides 24/7 real-time access to an IT infrastructure. Our customers can stay engaged with their managed applications and infrastructure with the ability to manage tickets, alerts, metrics and reports. Also view real time performance and capacity data for all of your systems.

Link to Secure-24 Support

Our support engineers, and performance data are never more than a click away. Secure-24 customers can leverage the Internet for immediate access to our support engineers and get the timely and critical information needed for running their business. Contact our Integrated Operations Center instantly with real time chat, or create support or incident requests that are automatically routed to our support teams.


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