Complimentary Vulnerability Assessment
Offer Ends on May 31, 2020




Complimentary Vulnerability Assessment
For Healthcare Organizations

There has been a notable increase in security threats. Threat actors are taking advantage, and they understand the implications of organizations having to enact their Business Continuity Plans (BCP) quickly and without much time for testing. Remote workers, mobility, IoT, virtualization, multi-cloud, and social media are all vulnerable entry points into an organization and can pose risks if they are not properly managed.

Secure-24 | NTT is offering a complimentary vulnerability scan and security health assessment with a resulting report to healthcare organizations from now until May 31, 2020.  

This report provides executive-level directors and managers with a detailed understanding of the vulnerability risk management program via a series of trend graphs, charts, tables, and other reporting components. We will also provide your Security Scorecard along with this report.

What to Expect

Please provide preliminary contact information in this form. A representative from Secure-24 | NTT will reach out within one business day to provide more details and to schedule your assessment.

Step 1: Complete a brief questionnaire with Secure-24 | NTT specialist for external-facing assets. We will request a list of your public IP addresses, and exchange NDAs. The initial vulnerability scan takes 2-4 hours to complete once started, and results will be shared via secure e-mail.

Step 2: If you determine that a scan of vulnerabilities from within your organization’s firewall is necessary, please reach out to your Secure-24 | NTT representative to schedule a secondary assessment. This step will require you or someone in your organization to install software that will allow an internal scan.

Step 3*: If your organization would like to conduct a 1:1 consultation with a security professional from Secure-24 | NTT, please notify your Secure-24 | NTT representative and they will align you with the appropriate resources from our security team.


Sign up today!

By completing the form below to sign up for the Vulnerability Assessment, you consent to the collection, use, disclosure, transfer and processing of your personal data by Secure-24. Information is collected in accordance with the Privacy Notice on and will be used for the following: (i) to conduct vulnerability assessment (i) promotional or marketing purposes.


*Please note: The 1:1 consultation services outlined in Step 3 may not qualify as a complimentary offering. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Our initial offering is up to a /24 of network space. If a larger block is required, please mention this to your Secure-24 | NTT representative. The vulnerability scan and security health assessment with resulting report is a complimentary service being offered to healthcare organizations at this time.  By requesting these Services, customer acknowledges  and agrees that Secure-24 | NTT is providing these Services “as is” and without any representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied; and that Secure-24 | NTT have no liability for the Services hereunder; and customer hereby waives any claims for damages, including direct, indirect,  consequential, special, and exemplary damages.

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