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SAP Basis Support: What Do I Need?

SAP Basis support

It’s wise to be prudent about outsourcing SAP Basis support. In our experience, it’s too critical a job to trust to just anyone. Too many times we’ve heard stories from customers ... Read More

Why “Certified” Partners Should be a Part of Your SAP Cloud Strategy

You’ve already decided that a Cloud platform is best for your SAP landscape. However, when determining to move your business-critical applications to the cloud, let’s face it: will you entrust ... Read More

SAP S/4HANA: The Next Big Thing


If you have an SAP landscape, there’s no doubt you’re hearing about the excitement around SAP® HANA and S/4HANA. It’s clear SAP is optimizing its core products for the SAP ... Read More

The Business Case for Virtualizing SAP HANA

Sean Donaldson, CTO, Secure-24

By Sean Donaldson, CTO, Secure-24 IT departments are evaluating SAP HANA deployments to help drive competitive advantage from running their business in real-time. This includes assessing current infrastructure platforms and ... Read More

SAP HANA: Revolutionizing Business Operations for Better Decision-Making

Len Landale

By: Len Landale, VP, ERP and Applications Hosting SAP HANA is revolutionizing business operations by streamlining transactions, analytics and data processing on a single, in-memory database so enterprises can operate ... Read More

SAP Outsourcing and the Nexus of Forces

Four broadly disruptive trends are converging, and guarantee to bring change and opportunity to the way businesses operate. These trends, collectively called the Nexus of Forces, could even cause a ... Read More

Real-Time is now Prime-Time with SAP HANA

We can track an airplane inch by inch on our laptop as it travels from Atlanta to Detroit. Investors can get real-time stock prices from any stock markets world-wide while ... Read More

Upgrades, and transitions, and migrations… Oh my!

It’s a scary thought, moving all of your business’ data from point A to B. It can be costly. Data can be lost. End-user experience can be affected. The implementation ... Read More

SAP HANA: An In-Memory Computing Overview

It has been about 2 years since SAP’s new in-memory computing product called HANA hit the market. HANA is being called a revolution, a game-changer, disruptive technology, a must have, ... Read More

SAP: A no nonsense, fluffy, hard-nosed, stylish ERP system… huh?

On the farther edges of the personality roadmap are two opposing types, show-dogs and bull-dogs.    Are they polar opposites or just different sides of the same coin?   Who ... Read More