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When an IT-as-a-Service Makes Sense for Your Mixed IT Strategy

Nick Ilitch

By Nick Ilitch, VP Product Management, Secure-24 One of the most difficult challenges faced by many CIOs and others in IT leadership is finding ways to keep pace with the ... Read More

Part 4: Building a Business Case for Data Center Outsourcing – Implementing Strategic Business Adjustments

Organizations are always evolving, growing, expanding, and adjusting. As a result, information technology must evolve right along with the business initiatives and strategies.  However, that is often a very difficult ... Read More

Part 3: Building a Business Case for Data Center Outsourcing – Reduce Costs

For many companies reducing the costs of maintaining a complex computing environment, including the infrastructure, is the number one motivation for outsourcing.   Cost is a significant driver; it can ... Read More

Part 2: Building a Business Case for Data Center Outsourcing – Mitigate Risk

When it comes to running a data center, nearly every aspect of the operation involves risk…or more precisely…the mitigation of risk. There are three major categories of risk mitigation that ... Read More

Part 1: Building a Business Case for Data Center Outsourcing – Regulatory Compliance

This is a four part blog series discussing the benefits and reasons for outsourcing data center services. The four subject areas are: 1. Compliance with regulatory guidelines 2. Mitigate risk ... Read More

Part 1: The Software-Defined Data Center – What’s the Big Deal?

This is the first in a series of a three blog posts on Software-Defined Technologies, which include posts on: 1) Data Centers, 2) Storage, and 3) Networks.   The world ... Read More

What if the CEO Managed the IT Department?

Should managing an IT organization be like running a business? If you are responsible for the successful operation of an IT department, you are certainly aware of the technical demands ... Read More

IT Outsourcing with On-Shore Benefits in 2014

What is the forecast for 2014? All indications are that 2014 will be remarkably similar to 2013 with a couple of exceptions. ITO markets in Asia and Latin America will ... Read More

SAP and the Value of Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation is rarely understood, almost never sought after and is difficult to accept. Perhaps most importantly, disruptive innovation upsets the status quo. In the world of technology, the most ... Read More

Hot Trends to Watch in ERP

There are three major trends impacting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems today. The emergence of new business models that require ERP support. The broadening interest in cloud computing for ERP ... Read More