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Top Ways Managed IT Services Providers Can Assist Healthcare Providers

Hospitals around the world are coming under repeated attack during the current COVID-19 crisis, including ransomware, malware and the attempted theft of critical medical records. As a Managed IT Services ... Read More

Five Healthcare Information Technology Challenges in 2020

The Challenges After reviewing last year’s Healthcare information technology (IT) developments and trends, I find that the same challenges continue, but they are on a larger scale. More data, more ... Read More


More than 45,000 healthcare information and technology professionals from all over the world converged in Orlando to attend the annualHealthcare Information Management Systems Society Conference(HiMSS). I had the opportunity to ... Read More

Five Steps to Developing a Healthcare Information Technology Security Plan

Security breaches have become common place. Daily, we hear cybersecurity breach reports in the media. However, when Healthcare institutions are impacted, consumers see this as “more detrimental” than other industry ... Read More

5 Ways Managed IT Services Can Enhance Healthcare IT Operations

Healthare IT

Applications are the lifeblood of any organization, but managing a mission-critical applications environment can be challenging, especially with limited IT staff and budget. The complexity increases with the addition of ... Read More

2018: The Healthcare IT Outlook and Focus

Healthcare IT

  David Reynolds President & CEO, ROI, Inc.   Change. You can watch it form and advance across the entire Healthcare landscape in 2018. The result will be an expanded ... Read More