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Oracle Extends Hyperion On-Premises Support to 2030: Now What?

Oracle has extended Hyperion On-Premises support for the upcoming version 11.2 scheduled to be released in 2019 to 2030! That means that Premier Support will be available until 2030.S Now ... Read More

Flash Performance Update: Speed & Security – The Best of Both Worlds

Nick Ilitch

By Nick Ilitch Last year we were pioneers in the industry when we introduced an advanced flash storage cloud environment enabling companies to process heavy workloads at faster speeds. In ... Read More

Top Five Business Challenges for Delivery of Enterprise Applications

By Karl Early, Sales Director, Secure-24 As enterprise applications have become more critical, they also have become more complex. The introduction of service-oriented architectures, agile development processes and DevOps are ... Read More

Is Your Application Environment Tuned and Running Flawlessly?

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By Karl Early Sales Director, Enterprise Performance and Optimization Practice, Secure-24 One of Secure-24’s commitments to clients and partners is offering a first look at game-changing innovations. Your work, your ... Read More

Application Performance Management: Your Business Success Depends on It

By Karl Early, Sales Director, Enterprise Performance and Optimization Practice We typically hear the following responses when we ask clients why they have not adopted performance management disciplines across their ... Read More