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What are Managed Security Services?

December 17, 2020

The Importance of Designing Security from Within

IT professionals can tell you one thing is for certain – anything can happen at any time. Whether it’s a natural disaster, a power outage or a global pandemic, IT needs to be ready to plan, prepare and respond to unforeseen events so the business and its stakeholders are unaffected. That is the definition of IT resilience. But of all potential issues, breaches and ransomware are perhaps the most devastating. A breach has the potential to shut down IT operations, disrupt business flow, jeopardize customer relationships and tarnish reputations. This is why companies invest so heavily in security technologies and Managed Security Services – they’re trying to get ahead of threats by layering on extra protection to insulate points of vulnerability against attacks.

Managed Security Services

The “Bolt On” Approach

Unfortunately, the practice of “bolting on” security applications or resources causes more harm than good. Sitting adjacent to the broader IT infrastructure, these security tools tend not to be truly integrated into your systems and processes or lack any degree of scale, which creates chaos thanks to an overabundance of alerts and leaves unintended cracks in the system, making the organization even more vulnerable. Not to mention, it adds considerable cost and increases the burden on IT personnel, where many companies are already experiencing IT skills Gaps, especially in Cybersecurity.

Instead, security needs to be factored into the foundation of every IT environment, whether on-premise or in the cloud, whether in-house or outsourced. Quite simply, it’s never not necessary, which is why security should be a core competency for any managed service provider (MSP) from the start – not an upsell opportunity. Every company needs to feel confident that the services they rely on are purpose-built for security – and, more importantly, rapid recovery – from the ground-up.

What about Cybersecurity and Ransomware?

It’s a fact that ransomware is dominating the cybersecurity landscape. Did you know that a company is hit with ransomware every 40 seconds? New tactics, new variants and more sophisticated cyber criminals are resulting in an increase in these attacks, not just against individuals, but against businesses.

Small companies, medium-sized businesses and large enterprises across industries are under attack. When it comes to ransomware, company size or industry is not a factor. Cyber criminals don’t discriminate. While some industries continue to be bigger targets than others, data shows that no sector is immune to ransomware attacks. Healthcare organizations however, continue to be high-profile but, organizations in the Education, IT/Telecoms, Entertainment/Media, and Financial Services sectors have been recently hit, as well.  That’s why companies need a Managed Services Provider with security capabilities to proactively manage detection and response, and help to survive a ransomware attack — before, during and after.

Managed Security Services: The “Secure by Design” Difference

Enter NTT Ltd. Managed Services. For more than 20 years, we’ve been designing managed services and solutions maximized for security and compliance and today offer the industry’s only portfolio of secure managed services. Unlike other MSPs, we employ a “secure by design” philosophy where we include comprehensive security services as part of our standard managed services offering. If we’re managing a client’s enterprise applications – whether on-premise, in our private cloud, in a hybrid cloud model or in the public cloud – we’re also delivering a holistic set of security and compliance services governed by the strictest controls in the industry.

Of course, while protecting against security threats is priority one, it’s not enough. If an incident does occur, you need to resolve the issue and bring the affected systems back online as fast as possible. This is what we refer to as Rapid Recovery. Our Rapid Recovery services go far beyond anything a traditional MSP offers, as we help minimize downtime and ensure business continuity. This is a massive differentiator for NTT Ltd. Managed Services and one that we factored into the solution from the beginning to ensure we get clients up and running as fast as possible. MSPs may offer incremental bolt-on security capabilities, but at best, they can only identify, isolate and contain a breach. If a critical business system goes down, they don’t have the ability to get that system up and running again. NTT Ltd. Managed Services can not only identify and address the breach, we can also aid in the rapid recovery of the targeted system, ultimately minimizing downtime and disruption to the client’s business.

Secure by design” is more than a mantra at NTT Ltd. Managed Services. It’s the philosophy that drives our entire service and solution strategy, and it has since our inception. That’s why security-minded companies trust us to manage their IT infrastructure year after year – because security is never merely optional. When it comes to IT services, it needs to be a core capability – anything else is unacceptable.


Jaclyn Miller is the Chief Security and Privacy Officer at NTT Ltd., Managed Services