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SAP HANA and Big Data

SAP Fiori – What You Need to Get the Most Benefits

May 8, 2018

SAP fioriIn 2016, SAP debuted SAP Fiori 2.0, the second generation of the web-based interface. It replaces the unwieldy, old SAP GUI that many companies still use. There are rather significant benefits to moving to SAP Fiori because Fiori is web-based and, therefore, uses a web interface that is much more intuitive.

This intuitive interface dramatically improves productivity enterprise-wide. In a recent side-by-side test of the most common receivables management tasks, Fiori cut task times by 64 percent. This is mainly attributable to Fiori’s ease of use, which also makes it easier to learn. This in turn boosts adoption rates and reduces training time.

Flexibility from HTML5

Since Fiori is built in HTML5, it has the seamless movements and controls you would expect from any web-based application. This allows your users to access SAP data via mobile devices on the manufacturing and warehouse floor, or by phone for traveling executives, sales, and support people.

The challenge with SAP Fiori is that it’s not just a simple add-on. Since it is built in HTML5, you need to deploy it through a cloud, which means you need to have or hire cloud-hosting experts. Your Fiori implementation will require expertise to set up the gateways and perform the initial configuration for Fiori implementation.

Combine SAP Fiori and HANA for More Power

Pairing an SAP Fiori implementation with a HANA deployment improves your performance gains from both Fiori and HANA or S/4HANA. Combining the Fiori interfaces speed and ease of use with the HANA databases smaller data footprint and faster analytics can dramatically improve productivity and performance across the enterprise, delivering real-time visibility into the numbers that drive your business.

Another key advantage of SAP Fiori is that SAP’s third-party partnerships have created an almost unlimited library of business tools that you can deploy. There are thousands of apps to cover most business cases for both Suite and S/4HANA. Additionally, app building is much easier in Fiori, although finding an app among thousands of options will most likely be less expensive and time-consuming than creating and deploying an enterprise-level app of your own.

SAP Fiori on HANA also provides sophisticated reporting and business intelligence (BI) delivered in real time. Since SAP Fiori architecture is built on HTML5, it allows executives to see dashboards wherever they are, even on mobile devices. This enables better and faster decision-making to propel your business forward.

Easy to Use Does Not Mean Easy to Deploy

However, ease of use does not mean that SAP Fiori is easy to deploy. In addition to previously mentioned HTML5 support for gateways and configurations, you will need expertise in porting Segregation of Duties (SoD) rules since Fiori does not grant access through service authorizations. Without this upfront work, any SoD conflicts, such as an employee having the ability to create a new payee and also issue payments to that payee, will not be spotted automatically. This causes Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) issues. Fortunately, there are ways to simplify the porting and conflict notifications. One of these is Secure-24’s ControlPanelGRC solution. ControlPanelGRC checks both transactions and service authorizations, working with SAP Fiori, SAP GUI, or both. It catches SoD conflicts to reduce risk and ensure that your audits are easier and successful.

While Fiori can add a lot of value on other SAP systems, it is much more powerful on SAP HANA. With HANA you get traditional, transactional applications, plus factsheet and analytic applications. Performing an SAP Fiori migration in combination with a HANA or S/4HANA migration can also be more cost-effective than separating the two, if you have the right partner. You want an expert who can help you identify additional stakeholders, navigate the deployment, and ensure that the mobile apps are both secure and easy to use.

Get the Secure-24 Advantage

This is where Secure-24 can save you time and money. As an SAP-certified partner, Secure-24 created ControlPanelGRC to deal with the challenges of porting SoD rules to a Fiori deployment. It handles all of your GRC issues, so your team can focus on other strategic issues. Secure-24 has years of experience helping companies like yours migrate to the cloud and to HANA or S/4HANA databases. Talk to Secure-24 to see how an SAP-certified partner can ease the transition and optimize your new IT landscape.