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SAP HANA and Big Data

SAP Fiori Benefits

January 9, 2019

SAP FioriSAP Fiori, the modern, intuitive user interface for SAP, provides a number of advantages for end users and organizations that adopt it. Employee productivity improves with Fiori. The technology leads to a reduced need for development and improved mobile work capabilities. SAP Fiori benefits also include a better fit with SAP HANA workflows and Fiori apps designed for specific business processes.

What is SAP Fiori used for?

Businesses are finding nearly endless uses for SAP Fiori. One of the most common applications of the new UX is as a replacement for the traditional SAP Graphical User Interface (SAP GUI). Fiori is also popular as the front end for new SAP applications as well as for mobile computing projects. The Fiori App Reference Library showcases hundreds of SAP Fiori Apps for SAP HANA. (Fiori runs on SAP HANA). Highlights include apps for accounting (e.g. balance sheet), forms, inventory, custom fields and logic, application logs, billing and receivable and many, many others.

SAP GUI vs. Fiori

SAP invested in Fiori because the company recognized that end user expectations of interface experience had changed significantly by the end of the first decade of this century. As consumer technologies like smart phones made sleek, intuitive, user-friendly apps common, corporate employees began demanding a comparable UX at work. The time-tested SAP GUI, while reliable, was becoming less popular. And, as consumer-style interfaces got adopted in business, the older GUI began to lag in terms of worker productivity.

Perceived Disadvantages of SAP GUI and SAP Fiori

It may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it seems that some SAP end users truly despise the old SAP GUI. We have heard such sentiments in our years as an SAP partner. SAP GUI comes from an earlier era in computing. It was itself breakthrough in technology at the time—a refreshing departure from green screens and the like. However, compared to what is available now, SAP GUI is obsolete. It is considered cumbersome.

Studies demonstrate that workers are less efficient on the SAP GUI than they are on those built with Fiori. While SAP GUI can do all of the same things as Fiori, it was created before the advent of modern design principles. For example, completing a business task involves scrolling through complex menus, opening multiple windows and clicking on various tabs.

Regarding Fiori, users have cited a perceived lack of flexibility because SAP Fiori apps are optimized individually for certain tasks. They may not fit an organization’s particular business logic. This criticism is less and less true as time goes on. The Fiori apps library has expanded significant. It now covers virtually all business roles. In addition, enterprises that require niche functionality have the option implementing SAP Screen Personas to enhance SAP GUI by customizing transactions.

SAP Fiori Benefits

SAP Fiori benefits are many. Working with SAP companies over the long term, we have found the move to Fiori to pay off along multiple dimensions. At a high level, the most common advantages relate to Fiori’s modern design.  Fiori has an intuitive design that simplifies task execution. Fiori apps share consistent design elements and user cues. The learning curve is faster than it is with SAP GUI. Other key benefits include:

  • Increases in Productivity – Fiori-designed interfaces are easier to use than earlier SAP UIs, so they enable more productive work. With simpler menus and tiles, as well as fewer clicks, Fiori can drive reductions in time spent on tasks of up to 64%. For example, in a comparison between SAP Fiori and SAP GUI involving a collections workflow, the process time fell from 2:12 to 47 seconds and from 39 clicks, eight screen changes and five fields filled to 11 clicks, two screen changes and two filled fields.
  • More Intuitive Workflow – Fiori-designed UIs feature business logic rather than SAP logic. This makes them more intuitive to the vast majority of information workers, who are not versed in SAP.
  • Improved Mobility – With its mouse and keyboard structure, SAP GUI was not well-suited to mobile form factor and the variety of mobile interface styles. The switch to Fiori delivers advantages to mobile employees. It also helps companies with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. Fiori’s simple interface lets users work with touch screens. Consistent UI behavior and design provides a similar experience regardless of device. The timing is auspicious. The mobile workforce is projected to reach 42.5% of all workers by 2022. Fiori’s adaptive design is well aligned with this trend. Mobile workers can leverage the Fiori client to stay efficient while on the road. Work from the shop floor and warehouse get easier as well.
  • Better Fit with SAP HANA – Fiori is optimized for SAP HANA workflows. For organizations that have built ad-hoc processes on ECC, Fiori helps modernize. Fiori lets you get maximum benefit from a migration to SAP HANA.
  • Workforce Flexibility – The standardized Fiori interface and its coherent design philosophy makes it easy for employees to learn new jobs quickly. Having mastered one Fiori app, users can transfer that knowledge to other apps. Workers can then move between roles more readily.
  • Improved Morale – Fiori has been used to make work less tedious. Interfaces designed with Fiori give contextual support, which reduces frustration.
  • Less Development –As SAP Fiori—along with SAP HANA—have evolved, customers are discovering less of a need to create their own tools. The growing Fiori library and the SAP Apple partnership now offer a wide range of preset app options.

Get More Out of Fiori With an Experienced SAP Partner

The right partner can help you get the most out of SAP Fiori. We have extensive experience working with SAP clients that want to make the move to Fiori. In addition to the transition, we can help with challenges like compliance, security and Segregation of Duties (SoD). Let us help you plan your SAP upgrade, configure your Fiori apps and tune your SAP landscape after the migration.