IT Talent Management – Building Your Bench

Jack Connelly

By Jack Connelly Today’s digital age is driven by the cloud, with everything and everyone connected, and a demand for fast, immediate access to technology. Many CIOs consider finding and ... Read More

Up, Up and Away: Flying Securely into the Cloud

John Brady, CISO

By: John Brady, Secure-24, CISO This month, I have written my blog in an easy to read step-by-step method to help you quickly determine if your enterprise should use the ... Read More

Vendor Management: It’s a Risky Business, Part 2!!

John Brady, CISO

By John Brady, CISO, Secure-24 In my previous blog on this topic, we reviewed: • Risks of poor vendor management • Explored reasons why vendor management is often ignored • ... Read More

10 Cybersecurity Lessons Learned at HiMSS17

John Brady, CISO

By John Brady I recently attended the HIMSS/CHIME CISO Forum and HiMSS17 conference in Orlando, Florida. Besides recommending the CISO Forum to healthcare CISOs, I wanted to share ten lessons ... Read More

Are You in a Good Relationship with Your Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Sean Donaldson, CTO, Secure-24

By Sean Donaldson Organizations are increasingly turning to managed service providers (MSPs) to extend their IT team, manage their infrastructure, lower costs and mitigate security risks.  An MSP is a ... Read More

Vendor Management—It’s a Risky Business!

John Brady, CISO

By John Brady, CISO, Secure-24 Just like flossing, exercise, and getting enough sleep, we talk about managing our vendors better, but industry surveys continue to show a lack of attention ... Read More

Cybersecurity Staffing Shortages—What to Do, What to Do, What to Do?

John Brady, CISO

By John Brady, CISO, Secure-24 We have all seen the articles and heard presenters lamenting the shortage of cybersecurity personnel, especially Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). Some experts claim as ... Read More

Trends to Expect in Managed Cloud Services for 2017

Nick Ilitch

By Nick Ilitch The Information Technology industry is accelerating by leaps and bounds with new technology and demands for Managed Cloud Services. It’s clear that 2017 is headed toward  a ... Read More

Managed Cloud Services: The Value is in the Service

Jack Connelly

By: Jack Connelly The Cloud has spiraled into an incredible phenomenon in information technology. Public cloud. Private cloud. Hybrid cloud. You name the cloud platform and organizations are modernizing by ... Read More

The True Intelligence in Cloud Services Lies in the Whole, Not the Parts!

Ted Chamberlain

By Ted Chamberlain, Custom Shop Strategies Cloud is good; cloud is great. No one in IT would argue the value of implementing cloud-based services when the fit in the ... Read More