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Why “Certified” Partners Should be a Part of Your SAP Cloud Strategy

You’ve already decided that a Cloud platform is best for your SAP landscape. However, when determining to move your business-critical applications to the cloud, let’s face it: will you entrust your environment to a third-party? When developing a cloud strategy, enterprises must consider the  evolving challenges of hosting and managing a complex SAP landscape on-premise...

Healthare IT

5 Ways Managed IT Services Can Enhance Healthcare IT Operations

Applications are the lifeblood of any organization, but managing a mission-critical application’s environment can be challenging, especially with limited IT staff and budget. The complexity increases with the addition of tasks such as: data management/business intelligence, security controls and network monitoring. Managed IT Services can streamline the process and provide the right mix of security,...

managed IT service provider

Better Engagement through Integrations and Innovation: How Secure-24 is Enhancing the Client Experience

In a business landscape where cross-organizational collaboration, outsourcing, and complex partnerships are becoming standard, engagement can often be lost in the cracks of these relationships. To stymie this effect, Secure-24 has created our own centralized portal for clients, partners, and vendors: S24 CloudLink™. At the heart of S24 CloudLink is a simple, yet often poorly...

Data Management

How to Transform the Way You Manage Your Remote Branch IT Infrastructure and Data

A rapidly growing global business climate means most large organizations require multiple locations to host their critical applications. Since many businesses prefer to establish operations and manufacturing in local regions to take advantage of the unique “way of doing business here”, many now have Remote and Branch offices. With multiple branch locations comes additional challenges...