Volunteerism: A Win-Win Proposition

Years ago, comedian Emo Phillips joked that volunteerism should be mandatory.  I was in my early teens when I heard that and wondered if everyone was forced into volunteering just ... Read More

A Noob’s Takeaway from SAPPHIRE

The plane lifted from the ground.  Destination: Orlando, Florida for the 2012 SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG Annual Conference.  I was trapped on a flight loaded with rambunctious kids. They obviously ... Read More

3 Common Pitfalls When Hiring a Process Consultant


“Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not.”  -Galileo The goal of most statistical approaches in the IT world is two fold:  Measure (and reduce) variance, and to ... Read More

Food, Fun & Philanthropy with Secure-24

The blue skies and light breeze helped make it the perfect afternoon for the Secure-24 Tree Huggers to get out, get involved and get our hands dirty.  “Tree Huggers” is ... Read More

PCI DSS – How Becoming PCI Compliant is Like Cooking Bratwurst

When I was learning to cook pork bratwurst in a farm kitchen in Wisconsin, my teacher explained to me “uncooked pig is really bad, so when you cook it you ... Read More

Secure-24 Celebrates Earth Day

This month, in honor of Earth Day (April 22nd), Secure-24 is partnering with two local organizations for some food, fun and philanthropy.  These events were entirely organized by team members ... Read More

Cloud & Virtualization 2012: Managing Your SAP Landscape in the Cloud

Join us at the Cloud & Virtualization 2012 conference where our own expert James White is going to be speaking about managing your SAP landscape in the cloud.... Read More

Lessons Learned from Private Equity

Private Equity companies are in business to deliver profits and high returns on investment to their shareholders/investors. To this end, they look to avoid unnecessary cost throughout their ownership cycle.... Read More

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne in Your Private Cloud [Webinar]

Do you see an upgrade in your future? Gain a sense of what to expect when upgrading to the 9’s – and learn how to do this on a tight ... Read More

Mobility: Changing the Way We Live [Infographic]

When Manzetti first created the idea of a “speaking telegraph” in 1844, the world never imagined how mobility would soon take over daily lives.  Today, it’s hard to believe there ... Read More