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Oracle Hyperion

Oracle Extends Hyperion On-Premises Support to 2030: Now What?

September 17, 2018

Oracle has extended Hyperion On-Premises support for the upcoming version 11.2 scheduled to be released in 2019 to 2030! That means that Premier Support will be available until 2030.S

Now what? Don’t panic. If you have been reluctant to upgrade or to migrate Hyperion to the cloud you have plenty of time to do so. Users should examine their current environment to determine where it fits into the Oracle on-premises roadmap. Should you embark upon an Hyperion upgrade?

But, why wait? Even without an upgrade or migration to the cloud, a short-term plan must be established to ensure that you remain in a fully-supported version. Although remaining on-premises is still a choice with full support until 2030, there are some conditions. If you remain on on-premises, you cannot take advantage of the product enhancements available in the EPM cloud solution.

Oracle Lifetime Support Policy
Oracle’s Lifetime Support Policy has three stages: Premier Support, Extended Support, and Sustaining Support. It delivers maximum value by providing you with rights to major product releases so you can take full advantage of technology and product enhancements. Premier Support provides a standard five-year support policy for Oracle Technology and Oracle Applications products. You can extend support for an additional three years with Extended Support for specific releases or receive indefinite technical support with Sustaining Support.

Why You Should Upgrade or Migrate to the Cloud Now
One typical reason for performing an upgrade is simply “end of support” in other words, companies had to upgrade. Now, it’s a matter of taking advantage of new functionality to improve productivity, optimize performance and to keep pace with client demands and the competition.

Again, there’s no need to panic, but there are some strategic technology decisions that Hyperion users must consider. To take full advantage of all the new features, functionality and support of future Hyperion tools, users should upgrade Hyperion on-premises now.

1. Upgrade to Hyperion
With an upgrade to the latest version, users can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Major product and technology releases
  • Updates, upgrades and fixes
  • Upgrade scripts
  • Certification with new Oracle products
  • Certification with third-party products/versions
  • Technical support
  • And so much more…..

2. Upgrade from On-Premises to the Oracle EPM Cloud
With digital transformation and cloud computing as a viable platform, companies in the long run, will have to consider hosting applications in the cloud, whether it’s with Oracle or a third-party cloud services provider. Several aspects of data security, financial cost and integration challenges – among other factors – are all cited by organizations to be risks that must be addressed and rationalized for the move. You will always get support with automatic feature/functionality updates without the need for lengthy patch installations.

3. Host Oracle Hyperion in a Private Cloud with a Managed Cloud Services Provider
With cloud computing established as a reliable, secure, and cost-effective platform for Hyperion, the future is bright for those companies who want to take advantage of hosting in a private cloud environment. If you have been running Hyperion in-house, upgrading to release may be an opportune time to migrate Hyperion to a managed hosting environment. Adopting a managed hosting model enables your internal IT department to focus on strategy initiatives.

It looks like Oracle is trying its best to offer near-term parity enhancements to enable users to easily upgrade to the cloud. 

Take Advantage of  Upgrade and Migration Services
As an Oracle Partner with 20+ of experience delivering mission critical application hosting, comprehensive managed IT, cloud, and security services to enterprises worldwide., we offer Hyperion upgrade and migration services to help speed delivery, reduce risk, and generate returns from Hyperion upgrade initiatives.

Regardless of the path you choose, our experts can review and customize an upgrade plan for your business. We specialize in Hyperion upgrades and we support clients who are on the most recent releases.

You can contact us at +1.800.332.0076 or at: [email protected] to upgrade your Oracle Hyperion application or to learn more about our Upgrade/Migration Services.

Richard DeVore is Director, Oracle Applications at NTT Ltd Managed Services.