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Managed Services

How Secure-24 Puts "Service" Back into Managed Services

November 5, 2018

Companies of all sizes place a priority on IT operational efficiency, but not all businesses are equally equipped to maintain this efficiency. Businesses may have limited IT resources, meaning they can quickly fall behind in updates and system management, placing the company’s system at risk. For many, the solution is a managed IT service or a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Managed IT services involve delegating IT tasks and operations to a third-party provider who is responsible for around-the-clock monitoring and management. These encompass a focus on tools, advanced technologies, features and functions. However, one must remember that the true value of managed services is: the service. Tools and technologies are not the services that managed service providers like Secure-24 are delivering, nor are they the value provided to clients. The true value is in the unique expertise and ability to deliver flexible, scalable solutions to clients, with comprehensive services added to the tools and technology. Solid tools and advanced technologies are the foundation for any quality service delivered. 

A Winning IT Services Strategy
Secure-24 puts “service” back into managed services with an IT service strategy that involves a managed service approach that is holistic and looks beyond the tools and technologies to comprehensive services tailored to the needs our clients. Yes, we understand that the tools and technologies that we use must be innovative and help clients ensure their IT environments and mission-critical systems run at peak performance. And we invest in those advanced technologies.

But, our approach goes beyond the technologies, to focus on the “service”. We offer a wide portfolio of managed services including managed security and can design a solution that supports successful business outcomes. We specialize in successful outcomes. We help to make every client’s cloud requirements work seamlessly together, managing all systems in concert and treating each client like our only client, we stand alone in the industry as an independent Managed Cloud Services provider.

Our overall solution is the service. Technology providers get excited about the technology. The rest of the world just wants their IT environments to run efficiently in support of the overall business strategy.

Seamless Integrated Support
For more than 17 years, Secure-24 has provided outstanding support to clients in support of their mission-critical systems. And our support extends well beyond traditional help desk support. Our Integrated Operations Center (IOC) delivers around- the-clock support for faster problem resolution. And even better, we scale service solutions to meet specific business needs. Our analysts possess several technical certifications and are focused on providing a superior customer service experience which translates into an industry-leading First-Tier Resolution (FTR) to clients.  Managed Service Provider

Strategic Service Partnership
Value in IT is derived when a trusted partner can solve a problem by improving a process, not rapidly provisioning virtual machines and storage to solve a symptom of a larger problem. The market for cloud-based IT services is currently full of providers who want to rent you the tools from their toolbox so you fix a problem.

Many providers don’t want to provide high quality managed services, as it doesn’t allow them to gain scale on their platforms. The ability of a Managed Cloud Services provider to deliver a superior customer support experience to clients is the value.

Secure-24 is the ultimate “Enterprise Partner,” delivering the highest standards of service to ensure superior client experience.

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Paul Bhatti is Chief Operating Officer at Secure-24.