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Five Reasons Healthcare Providers Should Engage Managed IT Services Providers

February 18, 2020

No matter the size of your healthcare organization or how many offices you have, IT systems must be fast, scalable, reliable, and, most importantly, secure. In short, efficient managed IT is a must. As the Healthcare industry continues to grow, and with HIPAA and other regulations, so does the complexity of IT environments. With the advent of the cloud, complexity of IT environments is expanding from single event record keeping to supporting the entire continuum of care in the digital age. In order to keep pace, optimize system performance, and enhance patient care delivery, Healthcare providers should engage a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP).

Why a Managed IT Services Provider?

What are the options for Healthcare providers in this complex digital age? How do they maximize IT operations while enhancing patient care quality? How do they reduce costs and maximize return on IT investment? I’m glad you asked. Many Healthcare providers are adopting a Managed IT Services approach by engaging a Managed IT Services Provider.

Below are five reasons Healthcare providers should engage an MSP.

  1. The Right Mix of Services
    Managed IT Services provide the right mix of security, scalability, reliability and flexibility required to transform IT Healthcare organizations already under pressure to maintain their own IT services with tight budgets are increasingly seeking Managed IT services providers to manage a portion of their IT operations.
  1. Cost Efficiencies and Reduced TCO
    The cost savings from using MSPs rather than relying on fully in-house operations can be substantial. It is possible for a Healthcare provider to contract a full virtual information security office (VISO) or security department for much less than the cost of full-time employee salaries, benefits, and training specific to cybersecurity, not to mention the additional technology and software costs. Ransomware
  1. Proactive Security and Compliance
    Security and compliance are at the heart of any Health IT (HIT) initiative. Due to the proliferation of new medical technologies and because often with these technologies the stakes are higher, around-the-clock-proactive security is a must. MSPs provide Security monitoring 24x7x365 from security operations centers. Most MSPs deliver complete monitoring and support for networks, servers, and storage.

At Secure-24, security is in our DNA—it is the foundation of everything we do. We deliver the highest security and compliance for critical applications and data by providing services out of our world-class SSAE 18 compliant data centers and by utilizing ITIL and COBIT standards and processes. Our security professionals take the pain out of IT compliance and help to secure the most complex IT infrastructures.  Our security teams proactively monitor systems that enable:

– Faster identification and remediation of security risks
– An extension of your IT department with certified security specialists from our Security Operations Center (SOC)
– Protection of your mission-critical systems and patient data

  1. Right-Size Your IT Team
    It is often difficult to find qualified staff that have the expertise required to keep mission-critical systems and applications running at optimum performance. A key driver for the increased adoption of managed IT services is a shortage of healthcare IT professionals with relevant experience. An effective MSP is an extension of Healthcare providers’ IT team with the expertise to keep systems running at peak performance.

Managed IT services allow organizations to offload routine IT tasks and to ensure they are getting the maximum value from their investment in their own IT team. These providers allow internal IT resources to be laser focused on next generation solutions and automation to enhance the quality of patient care.

  1. New Technologies and Cloud Migration
    Migrating to the cloud and/or managed IT Services provides organizations an opportunity to move to a more secure solution by introducing tools that assist in the immediate migration and also have many features available for the security and compliance minded as part of the system.  More and more, hospital leaders recognize that they cannot keep up with the costs to maintain their own IT and Information Security departments.  This motivation to move to managed IT operations often opens the door to new innovations. And MSPs provide cloud transformation and migration services to determine a strategic, cost-effective, and secure roadmap to cloud migration.


Engaging an MSP provides a strategic business partner relationship with customized solutions to meet specific business and technology requirements. Secure-24 Managed Services provides more comprehensive services than most MSPs. Our teams manage the infrastructure like most MSPs, but they also manage security, databases, run ERP systems, and provide Help Desk services.  As a part of NTT, we have access to a global network of resources which strengthens our technical capabilities and global reach of our Healthcare Managed Services to help clients optimize their IT environments and digitally transform their businesses.

If you are considering migrating to the cloud, streamlining your in-house IT operations, or simply trimming your budget, Secure-24 can help with our Advanced Healthcare Managed IT Services customized to meet your unique IT requirements.

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