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How to Expedite! Your Move to S/4HANA

August 12, 2019

There are many reasons why companies are adopting public cloud. In the last several years, an abundance of new services and application uses have been created; solving countless business problems. If you look at the SAP® space, you can get extraordinarily large instances in S/4HANA, which is incentivizing a huge push for public cloud companies to scale their S/4HANA footprints.Another powerful motivator for the push to public cloud is SAP’s 2025 deadline. In order to continue receiving SAP support, businesses must migrate to S/4HANA by December 31, 2025. Now, IT leaders or CIOs, have a ton on their plate, and the task of moving SAP workloads and mission-critical applications might seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to look that way. To significantly mitigate your migration risk, you’ll need the right plan, and the right partners who have a deep understanding of SAP. Expedite! For SAP on Microsoft® Azure is the comprehensive solution that can guide your SAP transformation from assessment and design to migration and ongoing optimization.

The Power of Partnership

As a result of a partnership between Secure-24®, and itelligence®,  Expedite! For SAP on Microsoft Azure helps companies with SAP landscapes in their journey to S/4HANA. This combination unites two highly experienced partners; delivering a comprehensive solution to expedite and manage SAP migrations to Azure.

This partnership, brings functional and technical knowledge together for our clients. itelligence, with its vast experience migrating companies to S/4HANA, delivers a robust migration model. In the model, clients work through segmented and easy-to-adopt workshops to better understand their migration process. Secure-24, with expertise in SAP and securing hyperscaler clouds, offers a secure platform for the environment.

In order for us to help unlock the value of your SAP mission-critical environment, we don’t stop at migration. Rather, we help to grow your business on S/4HANA after your migration. Our professionals work with you to optimize your applications and access surrounding technologies, such as IoT, AI, Machine Learning, and Advanced Analytics; enhancing your overall experience by creating business value through predictive and operational analytics.

It All Starts With An Assessment

 To effectively kick off the Expedite! process, you’ll need to be certain that migrating to Azure is right for your business, or changing from your current provider to a different cloud service is a viable option. This is where the Expedite! For SAP on Azure Assessment comes in, where we analyze your IT environment resources and provide cost-benefit intelligence to help you make informed decisions.

Before your migration starts, it’s important to understand that not only are you moving to the latest platform of SAP, but you need to consider all of your ancillary systems. That’s why our assessment begins with sDiscover™, Secure-24’s proprietary discovery and due diligence tool.

sDiscover requires minimal time investment, and without any additional software, it maps applications and technology interdependencies in your environment. Once it creates a map, it then pulls data into an Azure-based platform to analyze system connections. Through sDiscover, we identify applications that require migration to S/4HANA, as well as provide an inventory of physical servers, applications, security risks, risk mitigation strategies, and other powerful analytics.

With this information, Secure-24 produces an actionable project plan and timeline to help you meet your business and technology goals with minimized business disruption. Through additional analysis, a fixed fee project plan is developed, and your business case drivers are identified. Our team will also work with you to develop a transformation road map, align your business process with S/4HANA analytical capabilities, and extend functionality.

To successfully migrate to S/4HANA, you need to start out on the right foot, and the Expedite! assessment is that first step. It provides you with the insight for successful cloud planning and migration; accelerating time to cloud value.

The Key Benefits of Expedite!

The outcome of the Expedite! assessment directly influences the benefits of Expedite! For SAP on Microsoft Azure. We want your migration to S/4HANA to be as smooth as possible, and during the assessment, our team may identify the need to adjust configuration parameters ahead of your migration; ensuring risk mitigation. If your business experiences performance issues, the Expedite! team will perform an even deeper review of your environment to evaluate the cause of the issues and quickly remediate.

So what benefits does Azure bring to the Expedite! process? As an SAP-certified public cloud infrastructure, Azure is the culmination of joint efforts between Microsoft and SAP. It is capable of handling large instances and workloads while also simplifying integration between Microsoft Office 365 and other SAP cloud solutions. When deploying SAP on Azure, you get the best of both worlds; agility and scalability on a reliable platform that is robust, powerful, and mature.

Once clients successfully migrate to S/4HANA on Azure, they experience improved data processing performance, and efficiencies in reporting, data volume, query wait times, and invoice processing time.

On top of all that I’ve mentioned, let’s review a quick list of the notable benefits of working through the Expedite! For SAP on Microsoft Azure process:

  • Innovative and Automated Migration Assessment Tools – Begin your migration with an automated sDiscover assessment; laying out a map of your technologies and applications.
  • A Complete Picture – Get upfront time, cost, risk, and benefits of your migration.
  • Cost Containment – Leverage operational and predictive analytics to manage costs and align budgets.
  • Risk Mitigation – With a proven, experienced, and expedited migration model, risk is significantly mitigated.
  • Minimal Business Disruption – Successfully achieve platform transformation with minimal business disruption.
  • Comprehensive, Industry-leading Support – Experienced, Tier-1 support professionals are available 24x7x365.
  • Extended IT Team – When partnering with Secure-24, itelligence, and Microsoft, we act as an extension of your internal IT team.
  • Enhance Your Security Posture – Across your entire environment, you have proper controls and security measures beyond the built-in cloud platform performance.
  • One-Stop Shop – In one package, you get an easy migration path to S/4HANA, and all of the experience and support to quickly get there.


This solution is single-sourced. You only have to negotiate one contract that will cover all of the functional and technical support you may need. If you were going to look for other providers that may not have all of the required capabilities, you would have to manage multiple contracts and go through multiple contract negotiations.

One of the main reasons to utilize Expedite! For SAP on Microsoft Azure is it captures all of the critical migration components. This process will not only get you from previous versions to S/4HANA, but will do so on a scalable platform with a partnership that will continue to support you going forward as you grow your business on S/4HANA.

Ultimately, Expedite! For SAP on Microsoft® Azure is the comprehensive solution that can guide your SAP transformation from assessment and design to migration and ongoing optimization.

To learn more about Expedite! For SAP on Microsoft Azure, check out our overview video on YouTube, or call +1.800.332.0076 to speak to a Secure-24 representative.

Len Landale is SVP, ERP/Applications, at Secure-24.