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Better Engagement through Integrations and Innovation: How Secure-24 is Enhancing the Client Experience

November 1, 2017

In a business landscape where cross-organizational collaboration, outsourcing, and complex partnerships are becoming standard, engagement can often be lost in the cracks of these relationships. To stymie this effect, Secure-24 has created our own centralized portal for clients, partners, and vendors: S24 CloudLink™.

S24 CloudLink DashboardAt the heart of S24 CloudLink is a simple, yet often poorly executed concept by the industry: visibility. When discussing customer experience with our clients, that term was echoed in almost every conversation. Whether it’s the ability to view real-time system metrics, chat with a support representative, or even something as simple as open a support request, the message was clear: organizations want better engagement with managed service providers and their partners.

While the term “purpose built” is thrown around buzz word style, Secure-24 actually put meat behind the phrase with our build of S24 CloudLink. In this post, I will discuss some of the key areas of our collaborative software, and how they can benefit your organization.

Collaboration Through Integration

When Secure-24 began architecting S24 CloudLink, we wanted to build more than just a web UI, we wanted a platform that provided multiple interfaces for our clients and partners. We believe that engagement should be more organic and intuitive than a single UI. If your organization already supports a fully built ticketing system, why should you have to log into another application to create a support request?

It was that thought that drove Secure-24 to extend the functionality of S24 CloudLink through core web services. This allowed us to create a full featured and self-service integration platform. The self-service aspect allows our clients/partners to engage with Secure-24 at their own pace, and at a cost that is almost too good to be true. But, just because the platform is self-service doesn’t mean that Secure-24 isn’t here to help. Our support staff and developers can spend time to ensure your integration is providing the benefit to your organization that you expect. S24 CloudLink Integration

To date, many of our clients have leveraged this technology to extend the Secure-24 support model into their own organization, seamlessly and nearly transparent to their end-users. So, instead of forcing support requests through an email address, or a phone call, or a web UI, we are better enabling our clients to operate within their models. Want to use your ticketing system to open a Secure-24 support request? We can do that. Would you like automated jobs to trigger a response by Secure-24? We can do that too. Do you want John Smith on your finance team to be able to engage Secure-24 all while feeling like he hasn’t left the domain of your organization? We’ve got that one covered too.

Secure-24 stimulates better engagement through better technologies and innovation integration solutions.

More Than Just Tickets

While integration to power engagement is a valuable tool, providing clients visibility and peace of mind involves breaking out of the standard model that “everything is a ticket”. S24 CloudLink ties into numerous other services we use to manage your IT landscape.

Nearly every managed service provider will monitor your applications and services, but do you know who will be called and when during an alarm? With Secure-24, you will. Our Secure Alert system is extended through S24 CloudLink, so you will have granular visibility to systems, monitored services, and call trees. Need to make an update to a call tree when a member of your team will be on vacation, or is out on maternity leave? Not a problem, make the updates directly within S24 CloudLink and you’re all set.

Speaking of monitoring, what if you don’t want to receive service alarms? Let’s say you’re patching a development host, and need to take down a monitored service. Normally, this would trigger our Integrated Operactions Center (IOC) to call your system admin. Since S24 CloudLink is directly integrated with our monitoring platform, you can suppress these alarms by entering a host into maintenance mode. Simply select the host, the start/end date, and whether you would like the maintenance to recur. Now your system admin isn’t giving you angry looks in the morning after being woken up at 2am on a Saturday.

S24 CloudLink Hosting CapacitiesSince we’re on the topic of monitoring, what if we could do more than just monitor a service? What if we could proactively prevent outages, but also provide the ability to plan for the future? S24 CloudLink Analytics and Trending provide these insights. For example, you have an application drive that is steadily growing in use percentage. While it’s common for a managed service provide to monitor disk consumption, S24 CloudLink builds trends based on past consumption to predict when, for instance, a disk will be fully consumed. This allows clients to not only plan for the future from a resource perspective, but also from a budget perspective. No one wants to seek financial approval for an emergency purchase of additional unplanned compute.

Through S24 CloudLink, Secure-24 extends our engineering tools, creating the transparency our clients have grown to expect.

The Path Forward

With S24 CloudLink being a core focus of Secure-24’s continual improvement effort, our team of dedicated developers releases routine improvements and features, of which many are a direct result of client/partner feedback.

Over the past few months, new feature deployments include:

sDiscover Module: Better enabling agentless discovery across your IT infrastructure, and working seamlessly with Secure-24 engineers to plan your migration or analysis.
Dedicated Support Catalogs: S24 CloudLink now support customized support catalogs for every customer. This includes the ability to ask questions about a support request, instead of filling out a vague text box.
Storage Array Metrics: Customers/partners that operate dedicated storage arrays within Secure-24’s private cloud will now be able to view metrics behind the allocation, consumption, and utilization of these arrays. This new tool extends a degree of insight into array trending that is paralleled in the industry.

However, the S24 CloudLink roadmap offers even more features currently under development and our client feedback helps to direct our path forward.

Jeff Pierce is the Director, Engineering at Secure-24.