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SAP HANA and Big Data

4 SAP Fiori Advantages

May 4, 2017

sap fiori advantages

SAP Fiori UX is SAP’s modern interface, first released in 2013. Fiori was originally released with a handful of apps for the most common business processes, then gradually expanded. Now, Fiori can handle most business roles. Companies have the option of deploying Fiori alongside SAP Screen Personas, which can be customized to handle tasks that don’t fit into Fiori. Here are a few of the main advantages of upgrading to SAP Fiori.

1) Intuitive Design and Ease of Use

The most commonly cited advantage SAP Fiori brings to the table is its modern design. SAP GUI could do everything Fiori can do, but it was built before modern design principles were developed. Completing business tasks would have users scrolling through complex menus, opening multiple windows, and wasting a lot of clicks.SAP Fiori features an intuitive design that makes most common tasks easy to find and execute. Fiori apps also share consistent design cues, so users can quickly get a feel for the system as a whole. This cuts down on the learning curve considerably, and makes it easier for workers to adapt to new tasks and assignments.

2) Increased Productivity

The same design qualities that make Fiori easier to use also increase company productivity. SAP Fiori features elements borrowed from consumer UIs, like type ahead search and a simplified workflow designed to cut the number of clicks require to complete certain tasks. For example, a common accounts receivable task in SAP Simple Finance saw a 64% reduction in duration and 71% fewer clicks in Fiori compared to UX.

3) Better Mobile User Experience

SAP GUI predates the mobile workforce, and is designed with a mouse and keyboard in mind. It will behave differently depending on the version and platform, and may not duplicate full all functionality when users switch.
Switching to SAP Fiori UX benefits mobile and BYOD workforces. The simple interface enables workers to work from touch screens, and the consistent behavior and design allows users to expect a similar experience regardless of what device they are using.

4) Better Fit With Your SAP HANA Workflow

One of the most commonly cited SAP Fiori disadvantages is a perceived lack of flexibility. Because SAP Fiori apps are individually optimized for certain tasks, they may not fit the business logic of a particular organization. In part, that objection is outdated. The library of SAP Fiori apps has grown rapidly, and now covers the great majority of roles. Additionally, businesses that need niche functionality have the option of an SAP GUI update to Screen Personas.But to the degree that that criticism still holds, it can also be seen as an SAP Fiori advantage. Fiori is optimized for a modern SAP HANA workflow. If you have ad-hoc processes built on ECC over time, Fiori can help you modernize your workflow to get the most benefit from your SAP HANA migration.

SAP Fiori Advantages Are Still Growing

SAP continues to update and refine its UX, with a focus on productivity, ease of use and intuitive, consistent UI. With the recent release of SAP Fiori 2.0, SAP has provided further innovations, making it easier for users to organize complex workflow and benefit from SAP HANA’s rich analytics.

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