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Best Practices for Employees Working Remotely

March 30, 2020

best practices for working remotelyTo slow the infection rate of COVID-19, more and more businesses are enacting their Business Continuity Plans (BCP) with employees working remotely. Although this decision is necessary to flatten the curve of the virus’ spread and protect the health and safety of their workforce, this shift could prove to be challenging for every business. One particular challenge revolves around each employee’s experience with working from home. For employees who have little to no experience working remotely, this shift might make it harder for them to maintain their focus, motivation, and productivity. At Secure-24 | NTT, we have a large number of veteran employees who work remotely year-round. To help you and your business continue to operate efficiently, here are some of our best practices for working remotely.

Dress for the Part

When working remotely, make sure to start your day like you would if you were heading into an office. Wake up at an appropriate time, get dressed, and keep your regular routine. When you do that, you subliminally tell yourself that you’re going to work; engaging a mindset that will help you focus and complete your tasks for the day.

Stay in Touch (Virtually)

The biggest difference between working from home and working in an office is the lack of face-to-face interaction with coworkers. With this lack of interaction, it becomes easy to feel isolated. To combat this feeling, make it a point to virtually stay in touch with your coworkers on a regular basis. Simple things like reaching out over the phone and using your webcam during Cisco® WebEx or Microsoft® Teams meetings can help you feel like you’re not on an island by yourself. Instead, you’re a member of a team that works together to solve problems and achieve business objectives.

Dedicate a Workspace

To avoid distractions when working remotely, find a quiet place where you can set up everything you need. When you’re looking, avoid places with high activity if you can, and try not to be facing any TVs. Whether your quiet place is a den, or a corner of your basement or apartment, a dedicated workspace can help you focus on your current assignments and projects. Without one, you can easily be distracted by a variety of things in your home (i.e. your pets, chores that need to be done, etc.).

Create A Schedule

To maintain your productivity, try to create a schedule the night before your workday, or right before your morning coffee. Be sure to reserve time on your calendar for breaks and also time to stay on task. These calendar blocks will help you manage your time more efficiently and will allow you to concentrate on whatever you’re working on. Not only that, but calendar blocks can let your coworkers know when you’re available for a quick phone call or meeting. If they check your calendar and see that you’re currently busy, they’ll contact you at a different time if their question or concern isn’t urgent.

Protect Your Information

When you’re logged into and working on your business’ private Internet Connection, all of the data that you come into contact with is protected. At home, your Internet connection may not be as secure and could result in a potential data breach. To ensure the safety of your data, contact your business’ IT department or Managed Services Provider, and take the necessary steps to utilize a VPN if feasible.

Time to Decompress

When you’re working from home, you can become stressed and over-absorbed in your work. Your mental health is important, so block off some time on your daily calendar to be away from your computer. Spend some time with a good book, listen to music, or go for a quick walk or run. Once you engage in an activity that helps you decompress, your mind will be put at ease; allowing yourself to return to work with a fresh perspective.

We hope these best practices will help you operate as efficiently as possible when working from home. Even though the times are challenging, Secure-24 | NTT is here for you, and if you’re one of our existing clients and have any questions or concerns about your enacting your BCP or IT environment, please contact your Client Success Manager or complete our contact form.  We’re here to help!